How did the term statics get into football?

DStatics has been the talk of the town, and that’s driving us crazy. It starts early in the morning, when getting up changes the static of the day, and continues on the way to work, when the work-life static tilts, and it all culminates on weekends like this, when the football Bundesliga goes on and – now we come to the core – everything revolves around the statics of the game again.

Lineups, changes, defensive mistakes, goals – everything should lead to changing the statics of the game. How on earth did the term get into the sports world, why on earth is it being used in such an inflationary way and why is nobody questioning it?

Statics is defined as the theory of the balance of forces on bodies at rest. But soccer players’ bodies are neither rigid by nature, nor do they move so uniformly that they cancel each other out. They should be dynamic!

If they are sluggish, the game seems static, which is not good and the participants are rightly accused. Kinetics teaches the “movement of bodies together with the forces acting on them”. So shouldn’t the kinetics of kicking be praised instead?



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