“Hopefully there are more women in high positions, but nothing should be given to us”

Sant Feliu de LlobregatAfter being one of the best Catalan basketball players in history, Núria Martínez (Vilassar de Mar, 1984) made her debut this season as sports director of Barça CBS. His transition to the offices has started successfully and the team has qualified to play in the Copa de la Reina.

What is your analysis of the first half of the season?

— The assessment is very positive. We have a squad with many players from last year, when we were in the Women’s Challenge League. The dynamic was good and they formed a good group. We incorporated four or five pieces and the result has given us great performance. Many players have taken a step forward, and this has made the first round very successful. We didn’t expect it, but it’s deserved because the day-to-day work is excellent.

Has the key been to give continuity to the project?

— Yes, and let them take a step forward. With the level of the Women’s Challenge League it was not enough and many players have made a splendid start to the season. Also, we’ve got Anna Cruz back, it’s been a while since I’ve seen her play so well. We have Jolene Anderson, who is one of the most important pieces of the team, along with Ruth Hamblin-Davis, who is the mainstay, a benchmark, both in attack and defense.

The connection with the public has been very good.

— We are very comfortable here. We are making our home and building an identity. I think the public notices it and the fans are becoming more consistent. We are growing by leaps and bounds.

What should be the next steps of the project?

— I focus on the details, improving the little things from day to day that make the structure more solid and stable. The players and the coaching staff must have all the tools to continue growing as a team. People must be able to work comfortably and happily to evolve.

The structure of the club is atypical, with the addition of CB Santfeliuenc and Barça.

— The management is good. We have a very active working group and I have the support of Joan Carles Navarro and Mario Fernández, who are very much on top of the project. We have included figures that are helping us to have a more professional approach. In addition, the people of Santfeliuenc are giving everything to make things work. The strategy is to keep adding synergies.

Is the daring style of play premeditated or a consequence of the players there?

— Isaac Fernández has this way of playing, he likes it a lot, and identifying the players we have is the best possible strategy. Now we have also learned to play at other speeds depending on what the game asks of you at any given moment. The coach’s management is allowing all the players to perform at their best and feel involved in the project.

You moved very quickly from the track to the offices. How are you doing?

— It is a very big change. The perspective I had as a player is very different from the one I have now. I am feeling well and I am able to anticipate the possible problems that the team may have. It is the added value of sports people, of a former player. Many things need to be improved, but we are progressing well.

There are still few women in positions of power.

— Hopefully there will be more women in high positions, but nothing should be given to us. Power roles must be occupied by the most prepared and qualified people. Of course, we must remove the obstacles so that no woman is discriminated against and the choice is made without prejudice.

Which Women’s League has been found?

— This is the first year that I have experienced such a homogeneous competition, it is a very competitive and expensive league. It is a very cool competition, where many teams are competing against the first. This is very positive. The demand is very positive for a competition that wants to grow. The Endesa Women’s League is gaining visibility, but we could have more. We have to improve.



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