Happiness or elixir of youth

It doesn’t matter how much the lines of expression are marked or how much the wrinkles insist on revealing the age, a smiling face is always a younger face. Happiness can become the greatest elixir for youth. And, as age is only a number and the spirit can be much younger than the body, the one who wanted the most and the one who wanted the least yesterday to join the activities devised by the Xunta to celebrate in A Estrada the Youth Day. And it is that he Galician government inaugurated the new educational leisure program in the capital of Estrada.

Human table football, archery, bubble soccer, graffiti and a long etcetera condensed yesterday under the tent of the Xunta for Xuventude Day, in which there was no lack of space for music and for various workshops on equality or employment.

The Secretary General of Equality, Susana López Abella, and the Director General of Youth, Participation and Volunteering, Cristina Pichel, attended the opening ceremony of the program, accompanied by councilors Amalia Goldar and Gonzalo Louzao. Under a large tent –400 square meters– a series of activities were devised for the youngest sectors of Estrada society, but also for families in general.

Cristina Pichel explained that A Estrada will be the first stop on this program, which until next April will stop at around thirty different towns in the four Galician provinces. He stressed that youth are not only expected to have fun with these proposals, but also to extract knowledge from them that will allow them to develop new skills. In fact, the different corners of this tent addressed issues such as healthy eating, equality, the environment or improving employability.

An alternative leisure

As alternative leisure suggestions, a human table football, archery or bubble football, in which the players had to enter a giant ball to try after introducing another ball into the goal of their rivals.

The need to bring some healthy lifestyle habits worked from theory and went into practicewith some showcooking sessions in which the participants were able to prepare balanced dishes with the ingredients provided by the organization.

For her part, Susana López Abella, valued resources such as the one inaugurated yesterday in A Estrada to offer reconciliation alternatives to families and to work on co-responsibility. In this tent they developed –generally through a playful dynamic– workshops that delved into issues such as environmental awareness or the identification of inappropriate sexual behavior or toxic relationships. Games and experiments were proposed to analyze some of these issues.

Xuventude Day also offered a workshop to practice the artistic expression through graffiti. Users were able to learn to handle the sprays and to capture the aliases they chose, as well as to make simple drawings.


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