Gymnastics did not have a good start to the championship and lost 3-1 against Vélez in Liniers

Gymnastics lost 3-1 to Vélez on their trip to Liniers and returns to La Plata empty-handed. The team of Chirola Romero booted active, with Thomas Wall as one of the main axes of the albiazul team. Although he did not have real danger plays in the first quarter of an hour, he did get hold of the ball and approached the goal defended by burian dog.

At 25 of the first half, the first emotion of the game arrived and it was for the local team. Enrique defectively rejected after a corner kick passed from the left and he put the ball on Lucas Janson’s head who did not forgive and nailed the first.

At 38, again Janson was about to give Fortín the second with a shot from three quarters of the field. Nevertheless, Wait He became giant under the three sticks and deflected the ball to the corner.

The speed that the Tripero had imposed on his game in the first minutes faded and towards the end of the first stage he did not approach the Fortin goal again.

At the beginning of the plugin, when nine minutes elapsed, the local increased the score. After a free kick from the left to the heart of the area, Durso rejected with his fists towards the middle, Miramon could not control the ball and Walter Bou He finished off nailing the second.

Three minutes later, after a great play by the I dare Pratto and a series of rebounds, Bou again took a strong shot entering the right side of the big area and put the third.

At 19, the Wolf came close to the local goal again with an impressive shot from Sosa from outside the area that Burián managed to divert to the corner. From that corner kick and after a detour, Enrique entered the small area alone and pushed it to the back of the net to put the discount.

Although Chirola’s team never gave up, they could not string together any play of real danger that would put them closer to equalizing the score.

The truth is that, despite the tough defeat, the Wolf will have revenge in seven days when he faces from 8:00 p.m. Defense and Justice in it Bosque.



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