Gustavo Puerta will present medical exams with Bayer Leverkusen and will play in Germany | Colombia selection

The Colombia selection has performed well in South American Sub-20 and within his payroll he has had a 19-year-old figure behind the wheel, Gustavo Gate, who against Brazil confirmed his great talent in midfield and being a fundamental axis for his teammates.

After his good soccer level in the youth competition, foreign teams began to be interested in the talented midfielder of Bogotá FC, a team from the second division of Colombian soccer.

One of the teams that showed great interest was the Bayer Leverkusen of the German Bundesliga, who would have reached an agreement with Bogotá Fútbol Club for the transfer of Puerta and would only be pending medical examinations to officially link to the German team.

According to journalists Felipe Sierra and César Augusto Londoño, Puerta will have a contract at Bayer Leverkusen until June 2027 after Bogotá Fútbol Club accepted the offer of 2 million euros for his transfer.

In the next few days, representatives of Bayer Leverkusen will travel to Colombia so that Gustavo Puerta can present the medical examinations and then sign with the German club.

It must be remembered that Gustavo Puerta will not be able to be in the decisive match of Colombia against Argentina after having accumulated yellow cards and is the most sensitive casualty for this duel of the fourth day of group A of the South American U-20.



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