Grand Slams unite with strong support for Davis Cup

In the midst of the conflict between the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and the Kosmos Group about the organization of the Davis cupsince all four Grand Slams endorsed the tournament and they assured that they want a “first level” competition, with an optimal format and a place on the calendar that benefits the players, the fans and the sport in general.

They did so in a joint statement, in which they made it clear that they are “united in their support of the Davis Cup competition, recognizing its historical significance and important role in increasing tennis participation around the world.

It should be remembered that what happened was that the ITF broke the contract with Kosmos, led by ex-soccer player Gerard Piqué, of an extension of 25 years, but which lasted no more than three. As it became known in recent days, the reason for the separation was due to not being able to meet the corresponding expenses (40 million dollars to the ITF and 10 million to the participants).

In this sense, the statement of the four Grand Slams maintains: “We believe there is an opportunity to engage in further discussions with the ITF and ATP on the future of the Davis Cup competition, with the ambition to see it restored as a top-tier competition.“.

It is that the uncertainty arises from the fact of what the Davis format will be like after 2024, since during 2023 it will remain as it is, with previous qualifiers, group finals and a final eight in Malaga. While, the company chaired by Piqué filed a lawsuit against the ITF.

To this statement, the ITF reacted and celebrated that the big four understand that “the status of Davis and Billie Jean King is a priority for the global tennis community.” And they add: “We are excited to have another successful edition of Davis in 2023 and look forward to further discussions to continue the future growth of the competition.”



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