good Jadran and Cus, bad C Silver’s teams

Here comes the qualification to the Gold stage for the Jadran Monticolo&Photos: the precious victory in Jesolo (71-75, 28 points for Ban) allows the Opicina partnership to detach the pass for the second important part of the season. In the Serie C Gold weekend, he wins and convinces theIs Copy Cus Trieste: five-star match for the university students, without coach Pozzecco and Ius due to disqualification, who win 86-63 against San Donà, closing the practice already at the end of the third quarter, with the +23 that makes the team sleep peacefully entrusted to Bazzarini and Zovatto (Tonut 22 on the scoresheet).

In C Silver, the black period of the local formations continues. Here comes another home sorry for the Bor Radenska, beaten on “May Day” by Longobardi Cividale 56-67: a good first quarter is not enough for Krcalic’s players to find valuable points in a complicated classification, with Bor still in third from bottom (Venturini 14 points). Pains also for the Basket 4 Trieste against leaders Dinamo Gorizia: in the most classic of head-to-head clashes, Coppola’s team clearly lost at home 78-102, remaining anchored in the last place in the standings. Finally, rest shift for the Lussetti Servolanawho will return to the field next Saturday at Libertas San Daniele.

In Serie D, after the defeat suffered in the midweek recovery against Kontovel first in the standings, come back to rejoice the San Vito by coach Barzelatto. A precious victory arrives against Ronchi to get back on the road in the top tiers of the group (71-59): even without Cigliani’s contribution, the Giuliani win thanks to Crotta’s “double-double” (17+15) and double realization figures of Grimaldi, Gregori and Cernivani. Instead, a surprise at the Allianz Dome, where the Under 19 of Basketball Trieste find two important points for their hitherto asphyxiated classification: theAzzurra Several Insurance Broker is surprised by the red and white for 74-92, the Maiola-Stoch pairing is not enough for Hruby’s boys to get the better of the pride of Bazzarini’s team, which wins with merit thanks to 24 from Ius.

For the other results, fourth success in a row for the Santos, this time able to break the Gradisca parquet (67-74) in a one-way match for large stretches, with Gregori’s players arriving even on +24 before the flashback of the Isonzos who also arrive on -6, first to surrender definitively (16 points for Crevatin). Defeat, finally, for bringing up the rear Don Boscoko on the parquet of Pallacanestro Monfalcone for 77-68.


IS Copy Cus – GSI Group New Basket San Donà 86-63
IS Copy Cus Trieste: Antonio 6, Rolli 2, Vrbaski 10, Riccio, Demarchi 13, Tonut 22, Vegnaduzzo 2, Bianchini 14, Lazzari 13, Crnobrnja, Daverda 4, Giampaoli. All. Bazzarini

BC Jesolo – Jadran Monticolo&Foti 71-75
Jadran Monticolo&Photoi: Batich 13, Skerk, Bellettini, Zidaric 5, Ban 28, De Petris 6, Jakin 0, Malan 9, Gobbato 2, Pregarc, Bunc 12, Milisavljevic. All. Oberdan

The ranking: Virtus Murano and Jadran Trieste 18; Oderzo Basket 16; Pordenone 14 Basketball System; BC Jesolo and IS Copy Cus Trieste 12; Codroipese basketball 4; New Bk San Donà 2.


Bor Radenska – Longobardi Cividale 56-67
Bor Radenska: G. Tercon 1, Lessing 3, Mozina 7, Comar 10, Nisic 9, D. Zettin 3, Strle 5, Venturini 14, Lettieri 4, Rajcic. All. Krcalic

Basket 4 Trieste – Dinamo Gorizia 78-102
Basket 4 Trieste: Fonda, Arbulla, Cortivo, Balbi 24, Fragiacomo 6, Melis, Mosetti 5, Visonà 8, Haskic 15, Giustina 16, Giuressi 4, Foti. Herds Perotti

The classification: Dinamo Gorizia and Corno di Rosazzo 26; Cordenons 22; Cervignano and Udine BC 20; Lombards Cividale 18; Vis Spilimbergo 14; Humus Sacile and San Daniele 12; Lussetti Servolana 10; Bor Radenska 6; Basketball Tower Pordenone 4; B4T 2.


Azzurra Several Insurance Broker – Basketball Trieste U19 74-92
Azzurra Several Insurance Broker: Lo Duca 9, Mendolia 5, Valenti 2, Maiola 17, Suerz, Stoch 15, Verzì 6, Termini 3, Finatti 7, De Guarrini 8, Miloch, Vascotto. All. Hruby
Basketball Trieste U19: Obljubech 23, Eva 3, Mill ne, Rolli 12, Camporeale 11, Crnobrnja 2, Morgut 4, Ius 24, Good Bittolo, Dovera 9, Desobgo 4. All. Bazzarini

San Vito Fleet Management Ronchi 71-59
San Vito: Scorcia, Zanini 4, Mihelj, Grimaldi 17, Schiavon, Gregori 11, Cigliani ne, Schwagel, Carretti, Cernivani 15, Crotta 17, Svab 7. All. Joke

Metamorphosis Gradisca Santos Trieste 67-74
Santos Trieste: Crevatin P. 7, Crevatin G. 16, Fatigati 12, Visintini 7, Bolle 4, Dolce 13, Lucian 7, Pecchiar 6, Spanghero 2. Gregori

Monfalcone basketball – Don Bosco 77-68

The standings: Kontovel 24; San Vito and Pal. Monfalcone 22; Santos and Azzurra Several Insurance Brokers 16; Ronchi BC and Gradisca 12; Interclub Muggia 10; Dom Gorizia and Basketball Trieste 8; Alba Cormons 6; Don Bosco 2.



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