Fury challenges Ngannou in a cage with MMA gloves but with English boxing rules

The heavyweight champion wants to face the star of mixed martial arts in a fight at the top and unusual rules… with Mike Tyson as referee.

World heavyweight champion in English boxing (WBC), Tyson Fury will he face the heavyweight champion of the UFC (Mixed Martial Arts) Francis Ngannou? It’s possible. The challenge was launched by the Briton speaking directly to the Cameroonian giant (1.93m) in a short video. The “Gypsy King” (34 fights, 33 wins and a draw) offered Ngannou a clash to determine who of the two fighters was “the strongest man in the world».

«Francis Ngannou, I know you are no longer under contract with the UFC. Want to make a lot of money? Come see the Gypsy King. Let’s have a big, big fight to determine the title of baddest MF (motherfucker, editor’s note) of this planet. And we’re going to spice it all up: in a cage, with MMA gloves, under Queensberry (rules that govern English boxing) and with a badass referee like Mike Tyson“, released Fury who is first supposed to fight the Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk, holder of the IBO, WBO, WBA and IBF heavyweight belts but no date or agreement have yet been found.

If this clash at the top so long awaited by lovers of the noble art between the two best boxers in the queen category does not see the light of day quickly, Fury should then turn to Ngannou who has already expressed his interest in such an event, in particular because it would be extremely lucrative. The Cameroonian, disappointed by the latest financial offers in UFC to fight, recently broke his contract with the major circuit of mixed martial arts.

Ngannou agrees in principle

Now free of any commitment, Ngannou confided a few days ago in a podcast with a Canadian journalist that he was indeed considering taking on a boxing cador, citing “Tyson Fury ou Anthony Joshua». «My instinct tells me to box, in a professional fight. I don’t know where yet, I’ll find, I’m working on it“, he explained, specifying that such a shock could take place before July.


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