Fundadeporte promotes Basketball Clinics for new talents in Carabobo

In order to promote the practice of basketball and the development of future talents of this discipline in Carabobo, the Carabobeña Foundation for the Development of Sports (Fundadeporte) works to carry out specialized clinics which will be aimed at boys, girls and young practitioners. of this discipline.

The day is led by coach Alfredo Madrid, champion of the 2021 Basketball Super League with Trotamundos de Carabobo.

The first meeting took place at the “Roberto Barreto” Sports Center, in the Carlos Arvelo municipality, while the second location visited was the “Banco Obrero” Sports Center, in the town of Morón, Juan José Mora de Carabobo municipality.

In this sense, the president of Fundadeporte Jhonny Del Corral invited all the athletes and fans of the sports of the giants, to join these sports clinics, which will allow evaluating and attracting new talents in all corners of Carabobo, to integrate them into the national teams. of the state with a view to upcoming national competitions.

“We are deployed in the 14 municipalities of the Carabobo state, giving these basketball clinics to spread the discipline and attract potential talents who wear the regional uniform in upcoming competitions and are in charge of representing us in future National Games,” said Del Corral.


Source: Fundadeporte



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