France, Le Graet very hard with Zidane: “He coach? If he had called me I would not have answered”

Noel Le Graetpresident of the French Football Federation, gave an interview to RMC Sport where he talked about the possibility that Zinedine Zidane could become coach of Les Bleus: “I’ve never met him, we never thought of separating from Didier (Deschamps, ed). This is not the truth. Some people need to change things or invent them because they don’t know what to write and they’d rather say mean things than good things. Frankly, I’m never surprised by those who condemn in advance or who have far-fetched ideas. If he called me? Of course not, I wouldn’t even answer his phone. To tell him to look for another club? Give him a special show so that he finds a club or a national team. I know very well that Zidane was always on the alert, we don’t have to tell a story. He had so many supporters, some were waiting for Deschamps to be sacked to race, but who can seriously blame something in Deschamps?”.

When asked if Zidane could become Brazil coach, he replied: “I don’t care, he can go wherever he wants! He can go wherever he wants, to a club, to a club… I almost believe”.



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