FINAL: The last hour of… Hestia Menorca

With an entire island devoted to the most important game in its recent history, Javi Zamora and his coaching staff have been able to isolate his team during the week from the media nature of a match that they have thoroughly prepared with the complicity of Bintaufa and following his usual pace of work compared to any other meeting at home.


There will be a title at stake on the track and that will be the only thing that sets the LEB Silver Cup Final apart from any other league match at the Pavelló Menorca. Or at least that is how he can come off the work plan set out during the week by a Javi Zamora who has tried to give the week a character of normality so that his players could focus on the match.

Thus, in parallel to the queues of fans to be able to get a ticket, the Balearic team has continued to work with the complicity of the Bintaufa facilities with a work plan adapted to the needs of the team.

All this without forgetting the physical discomfort of Edwin Jackson or taking into account the adaptation process of a complete newcomer like Nikola Mišković who has even had time to celebrate his 24th birthday with the dressing room and together with a Nacho Arroyo who reached 23.

In this way, the work sessions have been alternating with the specific work to prepare for the match before the team will carry out its last tactical work session yesterday, Friday, on the stage of the Final.

A historic opportunity, in the company of those closest to you

And if the week has not been very different from any other, nor will it be the day of the game where the Hestia Menorca squad will go to Bintaufa throughout the morning to have the last contact with the hoops.
An installation to which they will arrive individually after having spent the night in their respective homes and to which they will return at around 6:00 p.m. to see the faces inside the locker room again.

It will be there where the Balearic squad draws the last notes for the dispute of a match with the first official title in its history at stake. From there, the post-match will inevitably be marked by what happens on the track.



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