FC Bayern: Everything again Gucci – Gnabry pardoned after apology

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Everything Gucci again – Gnabry pardoned after apology

After Hasan Salihamidzic’s public criticism, Serge Gnabry was also threatened with great internal trouble. The Bayern professional, who attended Paris Fashion Week in the run-up to the Cologne game, did a few things right, at least after the game.

Dhe words left no doubt that the following days would be uncomfortable for the FC Bayern players. After the 1-1 draw against 1. FC Köln in the last minute, Hasan Salihamidzic talked his frustration off his chest. The sports director of FC Bayern went on the attack, denouncing the sporting performance as well as the attitude of his players.

“Now is the time to switch. And start the same way we played in the second half. That we understand that it’s about the championship,” he said, adding directly that he just didn’t have the feeling that that was the case for everyone. No interpretation was required to derive a package of measures for the players of the record champions, who only started 2023 with two draws. In a prominent place: Serge Gnabry.

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His only coherent appearance so far this year: Serge Gnabry in Paris

Quelle: Getty Images/Christian Vierig

With his trip to the Paris Fashion Week between the two winless games in Leipzig and against Cologne, the offensive man made himself the face of the Bavarian misdevelopment. His trip, which he staged accordingly in the social networks, boomeranged due to the poor performance. “That’s amateurish. That’s exactly what I don’t like,” Salihamidzic complained: “That’s exactly what Bayern Munich isn’t. Doing some gymnastics when you have a day off. A day off is there to rest, to be able to step on the gas in the next game. We will talk about that.”

Gnabry trains with the substitutes

Which they then did on Wednesday afternoon. Albeit with an unexpected result. According to “Bild” information, the club is waiving the initially envisaged fine for “Gucci Gnabry”. His insight convinced the bosses.

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The 27-year-old apparently showed the desired reaction. Already in the morning he had come to the training of the substitute players, allegedly voluntarily and on his own initiative, and had practiced together with the reservists. And in the subsequent conversation in Salihamidzic’s office, he would have demonstrated the hoped-for constructive approach to improvement. Gnabry saw his misconduct and apologized for his trip to Paris. The interview lasted 20 minutes.

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How much the incident will reverberate will probably only be decided on Saturday. At 6.30 p.m. FC Bayern expect Eintracht Frankfurt for the top game. The first win of the year is needed against the fourth-placed team in order not to have used up their lead in the Bundesliga in January. The players, Salihamidzic also demands, must show a reaction. Words and gestures alone will then no longer suffice.

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