FC Barcelona wins at Basketball Girona by 73-84

Basquet Girona – FC Barcelona: Results, summary and live statistics of the ACB match

The FC Barcelona won 73-84 at Basketball Girona during the eighteenth game of the ACB League that took place this Saturday at the Pavilion Girona Fontajau. On the previous day, the Basquet Girona players managed to win at home against Granada by 78-92 and up to now they had accumulated a streak of four consecutive victories, while those of FC Barcelona also beat the RETAbet Bilbao Basket by 88-78, so after this result they added a total of eight wins in a row. With this result, the FC Barcelona is in first place and accumulates 15 victories in 18 games played, while the Basketball Girona he remains in thirteenth position with seven victories in 18 games played.

The first quarter had as protagonist and dominator the FC BarcelonaIn fact, he got a partial in this quarter of 16-2 and had a maximum difference of 12 points (10-22) until ending with a result of 12-22. Later, in the second quarter there was a comeback by the Basketball GironaIn fact, the team went 10-2 during the quarter and made the biggest difference (one point) at the end of the quarter, which ended with a partial result of 24-13. After this, the rivals accumulated a total of 36-35 points before the break.

During the third quarter the FC Barcelona managed to overcome the result, reached a difference of 10 points (50-60) and ended with a partial result of 17-27 and 53-62 overall. Finally, during the last quarter, the visiting team managed to distance themselves in the electronics, increased the difference to a maximum of 16 points (65-81) and the quarter ended with a partial result of 20-22. After all this, the duel concluded with a result of 73-84 for the visitors.

During the meeting, the participation of Nicolas Laprovittola y Rokas Jokubaitis, who had 19 points, two assists and three rebounds and 17 points, three assists and three rebounds respectively. For their part, the local team highlighted Kameron Taylor y Joaquim Columbus Smurfettewith 23 points, four assists and one rebound and 12 points, six assists and eight rebounds respectively.

In the next match of the ACB League the Basketball Girona will face the Brogán in it Pazo Provincial Dos Deporteswhile the next opponent of the FC Barcelona will be the Valencia Basketwith which it will be measured in the Palau Blaugrana.



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