FC Barcelona Super Cup 2023 | The four ‘Anti Vinicius’ that Xavi is considering for the classic

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Araujo has already shown that he can tie the Brazilian short and Koundé, due to his characteristics, also offers guarantees

Sergi Roberto was the starting right-back in the ‘semi’ against Betis, while Bellerín’s options, the only one in his natural position, are very scarce

Vinicius Junior, although he is not going through one of his best moments, It seems like one of the great threats for Barça in the desert classic. At stake is the possibility of winning the first title of the ‘Xavi era’ and the Egarense coach must guess who will be the Brazilian’s marker.

There are four options available to Xavi for the right-back, but the ones with the most possibilities, without a doubt, are Ronald Araujo and Jules Koundé. A Sergi Roberto It should not be ruled out, since the Barca coach has a lot of confidence in the second captain of the squad and in fact, the only one who would play in his natural position, Hector Bellerinhardly enters the forecasts.

The day that Araujo dried Vini

If it is by the precedents, Araujo would have to be the indisputable marker of Vinicius Junior. He completely dried up in the classic last March. The Uruguayan’s was a risky bet at that time, although he had played on the side on occasion during his time at the subsidiary. With Sergiño Dest injured, Xavi understood that Dani Alves’ option could go wrong due to the difference in speed between the two compatriots and he opted for the Uruguayan, who completed an exceptional match.

If this Sunday Araujo is not the right-back it will be possibly because Xavi prefers him as a central defender, where he is shining in his comeback from the adductor injury that caused him to undergo surgery. In this case, he would win many Koundé integers.

Koundé responds to the challenge

When Barça signed Jules Koundé this summer, Xavi was aware that in addition to a magnificent central defender, he also had a guaranteed full-back, as he had shown at Sevilla. Injuries led him at the start of the season to play practically more on the wing than on the axis and almost always with notable results. The same thing happened to him at the World Cup with Didier Deschamps and he only had difficulties in the final.promoted by Di María’s class.

Koundé’s qualities, a fast and forceful footballer, may be ideal to stop Vinicius. The Frenchman will be a sure starter but as he happens with Araujo, Xavi could opt for his capacity as a central defender, Well, it’s also about stopping Karim Benzema.

Sergi Roberto, Xavi’s wild card

Sergi Roberto was the right-back who was in charge of marking Vinicius in the last clásico, the 2-0 defeat at the Santiago Bernabéu. The Brazilian escaped due to the speed of the reusense in the first goal, but later the duel was balanced. Although he is always in the eye of the hurricane, as is the case with the other captains, for Xavi Hernández he is a guarantee and a footballer who allows you many possibilities even within the same party.

Sergi started in the semifinal against Betis and had a correct game. Facing the classic, it seems more like a third option, behind those of Araujo and Koundé.

Barça’s options to cover Vinicius


Bellerín and a difficult season

If the logic were according to the natural position of each footballer, the doors of the classic would open wide for Héctor Bellerín. The truth is that he has them quite closed and his presence this Sunday would be classified as a real surprise. The only right-back in the squad has only spent 404 minutes as a Barça player spread over six gamesa contribution well below expectations when the Catalan arrived from Betis, a club to which he continues to be linked for the next season.


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