Exclusive ‘CAD’ | An inmate of the prison where Dani Alves is located: “They don’t treat him especially”

The new defense of the soccer player Dani Alves, accused of raping a young woman Exactly one month ago now in a nightclub, he has today filed an extensive appeal in court against his imprisonment.

Some twenty pages of appeal where it is detailed that there is no risk of escape and that Dani Alves has roots in Barcelona, ​​a home that the footballer has owned for a decade now.

The Alves’ lawyer offers other alternatives to prison such as wearing a telematic bracelet, going to sign regularly in court or handing over your passport. He maintains that the relationship was consensual, that it was not a sexual assault.

A fellow inmate of Alves speaks

A ‘CAD’ reporter informs about the last

A team from ‘Four a day’ has traveled to Barcelona to report on the last minute of the case. Also, the reporter of the program has been able to chat exclusively with a prison inmate in which Dani Alves is who tells what his life is like inside.

He is in module 13 with Coutinho who is a friend of mine. A Brazilian. The other day he took out the director and the assistant director. They went to show him everything about the sports area. At 1:30 p.m., at lunchtime,” says the inmate.

“But he walks normal and ordinary. He does not lead a special life, nor does he have a special life there, nor is he treated specially”, clarifies Alves’ prison partner emphatically.

“The attitude he has is one of boredom, a lot, it is a very boring life. But he’s been playing football already, he’s been playing some plays on the boys from there. The people who are with him are there for the same crime,” says the inmate.

He’s a good boy, he’s a good guy. he is super calmthey ask for his autographs… I hallucinate”, says the prison inmate where Dani Alves is being held, exclusively, on ‘CAD’.



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