Éverton and De Arrascaeta, ‘rivals’ for Juanfer Quintero if he goes to Flamengo

The best team in America is one of Juan Fernando Quintero’s two options for this 2023. Flamengo and Junior fight for the ’10’ who is torn between signing for a club that aspires to win the Copa Libertadores again or being at home being the top figure in the Colombian league and perhaps closer to the National Team when playing in Barranquilla. Fla’s economic offer is higherbut the one from the Barranquillero team is getting closer and all the combo that being in Colombia brings seduces him.

If I choose Flamengo, Juanfer will have to earn a place on Vítor Pereira’s squad. The Portuguese DT already knows him, he wanted to take him to Turkey a few years ago, but he will not give him the headline by name or by the millionaire salary he will receive. He will have to show on a day-to-day basis that he deserves a place in the best XI in Brazil and the continent. According to the Brazilian press, at the start he will run at a disadvantage against Éverton Ribeiro and Giorgian de Arrascaeta, the two creatives of the template. He will not arrive as undisputed, he will be one more, perhaps with a role similar to the one he had at River Plate.

“The midfielder was targeted by Vitor Pereira in the past. The coach suggested signing him back in the days of Fenerbahce when the Colombian played in French soccer with Rennes. In Flamengo, will be an alternative to Everton R. and De Arrascaeta”, says Cahe Mota, a journalist for Globo Esporte.

And it is that the competition for a place in the midfield or on the wings is not only limited to the captain and the Uruguayan, Flamengo has more top-level players in those areas: Thiago Maia, João Gomes, Arturo Vidal, Gerson, Éverton ‘Cebolinha’, Marinho, Bruno Henrique, among others. Quintero will face a tough challenge, something similar to signing for a club in the 5 major leagues in Europe.

Juanfer Quintero, owner of a position in Junior

Contrary to what he would experience in Rio de Janeiro, in Barranquilla everything would revolve around Juan Fernando Quintero. Arturo Reyes himself spoke of the positions and places on the court where he would use it. You just want to have it available to adapt to your game idea as quickly as possible. He is not very concerned about the physical state with which he arrives.

“Juanfer is a player used to always playing on the right to face inside, he has a great panorama and the field opens up for him. He is a very versatile player, he has a short, medium and long pass (…) He can play in a 4-4 winger, in a 4-3-3 giving him more freedom with a changed profile and he could even play in the 3 on the left”, Reyes explained in an interview with Caracol Radio’s VBar.

Juanfer’s decision will be known this week. There is little time left to learn about his new destiny. The pre-season awaits you, either in Ninho do Urubu with the three-time Libertadores champion or in the Adelita de Char sports venue with a team that dreams of winning its tenth FPC star.



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