Euroleague: peak triumph of Cazoo Baskonia against champion Anadolu Efes in a colossal game

El Baskonia He parked his crisis in a big way, submitting the current champion, Anadolu Efes after extra time (114-111). The game was a tribute to offensive basketball, little defense and brutal exchange of blows in attack. with the suspended Pierra Henry without a license but present in the stands, the people from Vitoria needed the best version of several players to counteract the Turkish stars. Porque Larkin (21), Micic (19), Beaubois (19) and Clyburn (16) they pulled the Efes cart as expected.


The counterpoint to that stellar poker from Efes was put by a colossal Costello (33)and Darius Thompson Outstanding in the direction (19+6+16) y Giedraitisexcellent under dashboards (7+18). Even so, the Baskonistas suffered, above all because they slackened in defense and because their star three-pointer, Marcus Howardarrived at the end of the third quarter with 1/10 field goals. His team needed him and the shooting guard I appeared in the final stretch of the game (16) to help unbalance the balance and break the streak of four straight losses.

First act of offensive madness

The Baskonia played a rebate from the initial jump, propelled by his prolific attack and by the inner power of Enoch and the versatility of Costello. His offensive circulation was good (5/7 t2 y 5/7 triples in the first act), but back did not take a step forward and the Anadolu Efes had no problem following in his wake with Larkin, Beaubois and Clyburn always finding loopholes to score (29-28, min 10).


Pearroya demanded more intensity from his people, but that only translated into four fouls in just three minutes. The Efes, already with the substitute Micic on court directing traffic, he continued to score fluently. first with 11 points without a miss from Zizic, and then with eight points and two triples from Beaubois that allowed the Turks, also permissive in defense, to leave with an advantage at halftime (48-51). Markus Howard, annulled by Beauboishe left with zero points (0/1 t2 and 0/4 t3).

Marcus Howard, anesthetized

In the resumption the Efes threatened to break the party with 8 points from Larkin and a 2+1 from Dunston (52-62, min 24). Costello closed the difference with a couple of triples plus another from Enoch and Howard’s first (65-67, min 27). The Baskonia triple shooter did not wake up (1/10 tc in the first three quarters) and Micic and Beaubois they widened the difference again (70-77, min 30).


Con Bryant and Beaubois triples and four points of Micic the Turks seemed to be on track for victory (76-87, min 35). But the Baskonia did not capitulate and between Thompson y Costellothe best of his team, and Giedraitis they broke the offensive thicket and allowed their team, with the Howard’s collaboration at lastdreaming of a comeback after a triple by Marinkovic and a partial 17-5 (93-93, min 38).

End to face or cross

Men He sent the game to overtime with a triple that neutralized five free throws by Micic and Larkin (98-98). It could have been better for the Baskonia, who had the last attack, but did not shoot because Darius Thompson fumbled. and worse, but Larkin err su triple final over the horn.

Baskonia arrived grown to extra timein which Micic y Larkin They pulled the Turkish car, but he revived Howard and a formidable Costello certified the triumph of the people from Vitoria, who closed the game with a Tapn from Thompson to Pleiss to force another extension. Huge breath of air and self-confidence with a carat victory against the defending champion (114-111).

Technical sheet:

114 – Cazoo Baskonia (29+19+22+28+16): Thompson (19), Howard (16), Giedraitis (7), Costello (33) and Enoch (14) -starting five-, Marinkovic (9), Kotsar (5) Hommes (3) and Kurucs (3).

111 – Anadolu Efes (28+23+26+21+13): Larkin (21), Beaubois (19), Clyburn (13), Singleton (3) y Pleiss (2) -cinco inicial-, Micic (19), Bryant (7), M’Baye (2), Zizic (11) y Dunston (11).

arbitrators: Sreten Radovic (HRV), Anne Panther (DEU) and Medih Difallah (FRA). Hommes was eliminated due to personal fouls (min.42).

Incidences: Match corresponding to the twenty-first day of the Euroleague played at the Fernando Buesa Arena in Vitoria in front of 10,156 spectators. Pierri Henry, recently suspended after an anti-doping control, watched the game next to the local bench.



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