Elections, Venanzoni (Pd): “It is important to continue good center-left governance in the region”

Published: Wednesday, 25 January 2023 – Political editorial staff

MARINO (politics) – The endorsement of the founder of the civic list “The Concrete Choice” and provincial leader of the Democratic Party – ​​press release

“The upcoming appointment with the regional electionsscheduled for Sunday 12 and Monday 13 Februaryis of crucial importance for Marino. The closeness and direct interlocution, had in recent years with the Lazio Region through the support of our supra-municipal political leaders, have made it possible to give substance to important development projects for the area as in the case of the health offer through the strengthening of the San Giuseppe hospital as requested first of all by myself with the support of the other political and civic forces of the centre-left.The new outpatient operating theatres, the innovative CAT scan, the strengthening of the radiology department and advanced imaging diagnostics, the new CUP area are the tangible result of requests adequately received by the Lazio Region” explains the city councilor Gianfranco Venanzonifounder of the civic list The Concrete Choice as well as provincial manager of the Democratic party.judo frascati ilmamilio

“The regional elections give us the great opportunity to continue on this path of good governance with Daniele Leodori ed Emanuela Droghei candidates for the regional council” concludes Gianfranco Venanzoni.

The two candidates for Pisana will be in Marino on Friday 27 January at 18 in the Sala Lepanto.swimming hills6 ilmamilio

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