Drug dealing, final two-year sentence for former baseball player

Cassation – Feliz Rodolfo Castillo’s appeal rejected – But he obtained the revocation of the confiscation of the money

Rodolfo Feliz Castillo

Viterbo – ( – Drug dealing, final sentence of former baseball player Feliz Rodolfo Castillo to two years in prison.

The cassation decided it, judging the 42-year-old’s appeal inadmissible against the sentence with which the court of appeal, on December 1, 2021, partially reformed a first instance sentence.

This is the sentence with which the court of Viterbo, on 26 June 2020, had found the defendant guilty, re-qualifying the original charge and condemning him to two years’ imprisonment and a 4 thousand euro fine, ordering the confiscation and destruction of what in seizure as well as the confiscation of the money.

The second instance judges, following the appeal presented by the defense, ordered the revocation of the confiscation of the money, confirming the rest of the contested sentence.

And now the seal of cassation has also arrived.

January 30, 2023



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