DLSS/”Dinaburga” hockey players lose to “Energija” team for the second time in two days

“Daugavpils Ledus Sporta Skola”/”Dinaburga” (DLSS/”Dinaburga”) suffered their second defeat in two days in the “Optibet” Hockey League (OHL) on Sunday.

Daugavpils lost to Elektrēni “Energija” at home with the score 3:4 (1:2, 2:1, 0:1).

After nine minutes played, Ivo Kharitonovs put the hosts in the lead, and in the continuation of the period, Klimentijs Liskas scored two goals for the guests.

On the other hand, at the beginning of the second third, Maksims Pumpiņš equalized the score, and in the 32nd minute, Šarūns Baltūns scored a one-goal lead for the Daugavpils team. A little more than five minutes before the end of the third period, the score was tied again when Karolis Krasilnikovs sent the puck into the Daugavpils goal.

In the final period, in the 46th minute, Danils Tsarkovskis scored the winning goal for “Energija” team. Although the Daugavpils team had the majority at the end of the game, no more goals were scored.

The day before, Daugavpils lost to the same Lithuanian team with a score of 4:8 (2:1, 0:6, 2:1).

The “Mogo”/LSPA team is at the head of the table with 48 points in 25 matches, the “Zemgale”/LLU team has 36 points in 21 matches, and the Riga “Dinamo” has 33 points in 24 matches. Hockey school “Rīga” scored 23 points in 24 matches, “Prism” of Riga scored 22 points in 22 duels, while “Energija” of Elektrēnu scored 21 points in 23 matches and “Hockey Punks” of Vilnius collected 17 points in the same matches. Kaunas “City” follows with 17 points in 21 games, while “Daugavpils Ledus Sporta Skola”/”Dinaburga” is the last with two points in 25 games.

This season, nine teams are playing in the league – six from Latvia and three from Lithuania.

In the 2021/2022 season, Jelgava “Zemgale”/LLU won their first Latvian championship title, defeating the previous champion “Olimp”/”Venta 2002” in the series with 4-0.



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