“Djokovic has discomfort but is not injured”

Toni Nadal has attended as a luxury guest the day of effort and meritocracy organized by the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso. A talk about the importance of valuing hard work and the desire to improve day by day.

It is clear that if there is an example of self-improvement and dedication within our sport, it is Rafa Nadal and his uncle Toni. The one who was his coach for almost 30 years has spoken with Antena 3 Deportes about how his nephew is and when he could return to the courts, he has also left a message for Srdjan Djokovic, father of the Serbian tennis player, after he was photographed together Vladimir Putin supporters near the Australian Open

“Rafa is fine, good face in bad weather”

How is Rafael? “Well, if it was wrong I would also say good, I usually say that it is good“said Toni. The former coach of the winner of 22 Grand Slams also assessed the injury his nephew suffered in the 2nd round match of the Australian Open:” He already knew when he came from Australia that it would be more or less that (6 weeks off), To bad weather, good face”.

“Djokovic is the favourite, but I trust Tsitsipas”

He also wanted to comment on the final of the first Grand Slam of the year that will face Stefanos Tsitsipas and Novak Djokovic this Sunday: “Novak is the favorite, he is playing very well, I for the part that touches me I trust TsitsipasLet’s see if he can make a great match but the reality is that Djokovic is being the bestis the one with the most options for the title, but we are going to wait for the final tomorrow”, detailed Toni.

“Novak will have discomfort but he is not injured”

On the other hand, he wanted to refer to the article he wrote in the newspaper ‘El País’ in which he stated that the Serb did not appear to have physical problems: “The only thing I said is that he almost certainly has something, but that something does not prevent him from playing very well because we have seen it, when I saw Rafa with problems he ended up playing worse, when I saw someone who had an injury he also ended up playing worse, and Djokovic must have some discomfort but they don’t prevent him from playing well so we can’t talk about an injury”, the tennis coach made clear.

The absence of Novak’s father, Srdjan, in the semifinal match, after the decision not to attend when being photographed with a group of Putin supporters at the Australian Open, has been in the news in recent hours: “Each one acts according to their lightsobviously I believe that Putin does not deserve anyone’s support”, sentenced Toni Nadal.



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