Deschamps, WITHOUT MERCY with his players for the World Cup FINAL: “There were five that WERE NOT UP TO THE HEIGHT”

The France coach was consulted for the definition of the Qatar 2022 World Cup and surprised with his statements about the performance of his players.

Didier Deschamps renewed his contract with France up to and including the 2026 World Cup and when asked about the definition of the Qatar World Cup 2022 in which his team fell to the Argentine National Team He ignited the controversy with his statements. “There were five players who were not up to the task of the final.

“We were not up to it. I am not going to attribute the problem to one player more than another. But in the starting line-up there were five players who, for different reasons, were not at the level for a game like this”explained the 2018 World Cup champion coach in Russia in dialogue with The Parisian.

He also highlighted his team did not physically reach the definition in the best way “Some players were physically worse. Is it due to the virus? There is the accumulation of matches… And there is also the emotional aspect. For many of them, it was their first World Cup final. Is special. Those who have lived it, if they have the opportunity to live it again, will take it a little better “.

“I’m not going to use strong words, but we didn’t exist for a good hour”, added in RMC.

In turn, he also highlighted the impetus of his coaches at the end of the second half to force extra time and then the definition by penalties. “We came back from nowhere, but we did what we had to do because they also had the defect of having much more difficult endings. We pushed them until we were very, very close, but I don’t forget the part where there was no game.”.

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