Dani Alves suffers for his wife: Joana Sanz asks for a divorce in the midst of a rape investigation | soccer trivia

Dani Alves is going through the worst moment of his personal life, as he has been waiting for days in a prison for his case to be brought forward for being accused of sexual violence and rape against a young woman in a private bathroom at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona, ​​on the night of past December 30.

The Brazilian soccer player, advised by his defense lawyer, has filed an appeal against the decision of the investigating judge to send him to preventive detention, and hopes that he will be granted probation.

Now, Dani Alves has received another very bad news, which has him on the verge of his worst crisis: his wife, the model, Joana Sanz, who at first defended him with everything, backed down. She recently deleted all the photos she had with Alves on her social networks and now, as it became known, she will ask the footballer for a divorce.

Sanz has had a problem, he has had to pave the way through his lawyers, as Alves rejected a face-to-face, as ‘The Ana Rosa Program’ says.

It is not a surprise, several issues about the relationship have already been discussed, but it is clear that Sanz does not want anything with Alves, after the events at the nightclub on December 30.



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