Cruz appeals to Huelva pride “for an even better future”

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The mayor of Huelva, Gabriel Cruz, highlighted in his speech at the delivery of the city’s Medals, Titles and Distinctions on the occasion of the celebration of Huelva Day, “the achievements achieved in recent years, in which Huelva has managed to become a an open, welcoming space, where everything begins and where everything has a place, where tastes, beliefs, aspirations, customs interact… That industrial, sustainable, green city, with history. Doyenne. Simple. Conservative and progressive. Sometimes shy, but with imprint and personality”.

It is proud of its seven years of municipal government, highlighting major milestones in the growth of the city such as the construction of more pedestrian spaces to live together, such as the Paseo around the Santuario de la Cinta or the Plaza de la Escuela de Arte León Ortega, the new “modern and sustainable” public transport with the renewed fleet of buses, the also renewed municipal housing stock that guarantees that people have “not just a roof, but a decent roof” or the forceful and innovative commitment to culture, sport and gastronomy that has made the city the venue for events of international relevance in recent times.

Cruz appealed to the pride of all the people of Huelva, alleging that “what is trivial for us is sublime for others, that is the key”, and he emphatically affirmed that “Huelva is on the map, we have enough of belittling a city that is admired and recognized in the world by infinity of elements”.

Thus, it was reiterated stating that “Huelva is on the map for its industry, an example of sustainability and quality employment. Huelva is on the map for its culture, for strengthening ties with Latin America with one of the oldest Film Festivals in Spain, for creating a prestigious Flamenco Festival, an emerging carnival, a Holy Week with an increasingly rich heritage. For hosting major sporting events such as a Badminton World Cup, European Duathlon Championships, Triathlon, matches of the Spanish Basketball and Soccer Team or its centenary Copa del Rey de Tenis. Huelva is on the map for its gastronomy, for having been the Gastronomic Capital and for an event that we have launched and that in just two years has become a reference in cuisine on both sides of the Atlantic, Binómico”.

Better future always from work

In addition, the mayor has made an ode to the hope of building an even better future for the city, always based on work and demands, and also from the knowledge of the potential that Huelva’s capital already possesses. “The lack of infrastructure cannot overshadow our spirit of entrepreneurship or settle us in boredom. I was talking about it these days with the businessmen of the tourism sector in Fitur, we have addressed it in meetings with the Foe, with the Chamber of Commerce. We have a historical blockade in this matter and we have to organize ourselves with common sense to demand commitment and responsibility from those who have direct competence in this matter: the Government of Spain, but also the Andalusian Government”, the mayor stated emphatically.

That is why he has referenced the responsibility of the rulers when it comes to carrying out their work as guarantors of the future of the city, stating that “Huelva has a future, that future is already mapped out, a smarter, eco-efficient city that recovers its heritage and that it has potential. Huelva is and will be a place to be happy and that is the most ambitious of the aspirations that we must have as human beings”



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