The technology used in this accessory allows you to keep your ears free and, at the same time, listen to the sounds of the environment. The user can enjoy high-quality audio and hear everything around them, such as the arrival of cars or the sound of the fire alarm, a benefit that provides increased security.

The new Crosscall headphones are compatible with all brands of smartphones. Waterproof (IP67), durable and with a long autonomy, they incorporate Crosscall’s DNA in their design to accompany users in all their daily activities, whether on the move, at work or during their sports session.

The X-VIBES integrate Push-to-Talk (PTT) functionality, so they are compatible with Crosscall’s X-TALK group communication application, as well as with the most popular Push-to-Talk services on the market.

Crosscall, French manufacturer of ultra-resistant smartphones and tablets, launches its new universal accessory: some bone conduction bluetooth headphones. This technology provides optimal listening comfort while keeping your ears free to remain aware of your surroundings. Completing its extensive ecosystem of accessories, Crosscall is now targeting the general public with these Bluetooth headphones. compatible with any brand of smartphones. Waterproof, durable and with a long autonomy, the X-VIBES incorporate Crosscall’s DNA in its design to accompany users in all their daily activities, whether on the move, at work or during their sports session.

Have you heard of driving fromis it from the sound?

Thanks to this technology, the ears remain free and fully aware of the surrounding sounds. In any circumstance the user can enjoy high quality audio and hear everything around him. Thus, it is possible to perceive the arrival of cars or the sound of the fire alarm, a benefit that provides reinforced security.

While classic air conduction sends sound waves from the ear canal to the eardrums, bone conduction headphones transmit them through vibrations in the temporal bone and go directly to the inner ear. Beethoven himself had this revolutionary idea to continue composing music despite his deafness, the musician held a rod between his teeth that transmitted the vibrations of the piano to his jaw.

Unlike conventional headphones, the listening mode of the X-VIBES allows you to enjoy music for a long time, since it does not overload the eardrums. In this way, the risks of tinnitus are limited, an ailment that affects 8% of the Spanish population according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), which represents approximately 4 million people.

The device allows optimal listening and communication quality even in the noisiest environments

The X-VIBES are the ideal Bluetooth headphones for clear and effective communication. This accessory offers an excellent signal/noise ratio (SNR) and a MEMS microphone, chosen by the French brand’s engineers especially for its stable performance despite difficult conditions (temperature, humidity…) that guarantees optimal sound pickup. The second microphone picks up surrounding noise and effectively reduces it thanks to the ambient noise cancellation technology -“Environmental Noise Canceling” (ON). In a call or video conference, the other party will hear clearly without being disturbed by the noise around them.

Lightweight, ergonomic, and self-contained for all-day wear

With a 200 mAh battery and Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, the X-VIBES provides up to 14 hours of listening or talking. Charging is a breeze thanks to its universal USB-C charging connector. Ergonomic and with great autonomy, it can be worn all day, at work, on public transport or for sports and outdoor activities.

Weighing just 34g, the X-VIBES are lightweight and offer real comfort for all kinds of activities. The choice of materials, including a titanium ring, its soft-touch finish and weight distribution have been designed to provide excellent support during a run, a long meeting or on the way home from work.

The size and placement of the X-VIBES control and adjustment buttons provide intuitive access to turn up the sound, start a call or change a song with a single touch. The hands remain free and its use is compatible with sports or professional glasses, as well as a helmet.

In walkie-talkie mode with no distance limit

Push-to-Talk (PTT) functionality is built into the X-VIBES, so they are compatible with Crosscall’s X-TALK group communication application and with the most popular Push-to-Talk services on the market (assuming that the smartphone used is compatible with them). In this way, it is possible to communicate instantly and simultaneously with several people. Just press the multifunction button on the side of the headphones to connect and communicate with the rest of the group, like a walkie-talkie but with no distance limit.

The X-VIBES have all the CROSSCALL DNA in terms of durability: waterproof (IP67), drop tested from 1.80 meters and 2-year warranty.

The X-VIBES integrate the DNA of the French brand: they are not afraid of the most critical conditions (rain, snow, extreme temperatures…) thanks to their resistance (falls from 1.80m high) and their impermeability. With the IP67 certification, they can withstand immersion under 1 meter of water. The main microphone is covered by a GORE™ micro-perforated membrane that protects from liquids while allowing air to pass through, offering optimal sound in any circumstance. The USB-C connector is also waterproof and the addition of a cap reinforces its protection against sweat, salt water, chlorinated water… So, it is possible to listen to podcasts and make calls in demanding environments without fear.

Los X-VIBES They are already available on the CROSSCALL website and have a 2-year guarantee.

Recommended retail price: 149.99 euros

The box of X-VIBES It includes:

– A 60 cm universal USB-C charging cable.

– A pair of earplugs to isolate you from ambient noise or enhance the immersive listening experience.

– A protective case to take it everywhere.

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CROSSCALL, creator of the outdoor mobile technology market, offers waterproof cell phones, smartphones and tablets, highly resistant and with great autonomy. The brand designs models perfectly adapted to the hostile and unpredictable environments encountered by athletes, consumers with an active lifestyle and professionals in sectors such as construction, industry, transport, etc. (water, rain, humidity, dust, falls, blows…); and complements them with a wide range of effective accessories.

With more than 3.5 million units sold, a turnover of 135 million euros for the fiscal year ending in March 2022 and a presence in more than 20,000 points of sale, the French company, based in Aix-en-Provence, continues currently its international development with presence in 17 countries between Europe and Africa. Crosscall is among the 1,000 fastest growing companies in Europe in 2020, according to the latest Financial Times FT 1000 report.



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