Cristiano Ronaldo visits Real Madrid in Riyadh and Rodrygo starts to tremble

Real Madrid does not retire the numbers of its historical players, perhaps because they would no longer have numbers left for their current squad. But if someone has earned the honor of being one of the greatest of the white team by right on the field, that is, without a doubt, Cristiano Ronaldo.

the portuguese player He wanted to visit his former team when he was training at the Al-Nassr facilities in Saudi Arabia, the striker’s current team after leaving Manchester United during the last World Cup in Qatar to be the highest paid player in the world. There were Carlo Ancelotti’s men preparing for next Sunday’s Super Cup final against Barcelona when Cristiano went out onto the pitch to greet his former teammates.

Madrid’s top scorer has been chatting with several of the players of the current squad, as well as with Ancelotti himself, who was their coach between 2013 and 2015, when they won the Tenth European Cup for the whites. In addition, Cristiano has been speaking with Roberto Carlos, who was watching the training, the delegate Chendo and the physical trainer Pintus.

Rodrygo, ‘trembling’ with emotion

Later, the striker, after changing to train with his new team, coincided with Militao, Vinicius and Rodrygo, who has shown his trembling hand to the camera that recorded the meeting, as a sign of the emotion he felt for speaking with the Portuguese star. The Brazilian striker did not coincide with Cristiano’s white stage, since he arrived in Chamartín the year he left for Juventus in Turin.

Finally, Cristiano Ronaldo wished “our Madrid” luck for Sunday, something that has unleashed nostalgia from many white fans on social media.


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