Construction sites, gendarmerie, health… In Brienon-sur-Armançon, the wishes of mayor Jean-Claude Carra

Renowned for the long duration of his speech of wishes – which he readily concedes – Jean-Claude Carra split into a long monologue, Saturday January 14, 2023, in front of a well-stocked audience.

The mayor, who regretted “the difficulties” and the “lengths” in the progress of the files which he considers essential for his municipality, listed the construction sites in progress. Like the development of the activity zone with the expansion of the Recytherm company: “A project thought up more than ten years ago, which will finally come to an end in the spring, with the creation of jobs as a result.” Or Charlatte handling, “which we can see how well the parking lot of employees has recently filled up.”

A load shedding deemed necessary

In this same communal area, the works of the Joséphine-Normand residence considerably modify the entrance to the city on the Saint-Florentin side and the N77. On the other hand, on the D84 arriving from Auxerre, two buildings recently acquired by the municipality will be demolished, allowing a glimpse of the site for the relief of the town centre. “With the development of businesses in the business area, ten to twenty additional trucks a day will be parading in the main street, which is already very congested. I hope that the authorities will finally understand the need to move forward on the project”, launched the mayor who thinks of winning his case before the end of his mandate.

Jean-Claude Carra also mentioned the construction of the indoor archery hall.

“The site has been chosen as a rear training base for the Paris Olympics, and Lebanese athletes will come to train there.”

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Strong will on services

The mayor also underlined the strong desire of his municipal council to compensate for the defection of state services. As by the filing in December of an application file for the reopening of the gendarmerie or the new reception site for the fire station which must be built by 2024.

The first magistrate did not elude the difficulties encountered in maintaining a few businesses, bakeries in particular. “Two years ago, they were three, there is only one to this day,” he lamented. He also dwelt on the difficulty of setting up a medical center and practitioners. “For the record, we had agreed to an agreement with a new doctor, except that we have since learned that he had left to settle in Switzerland! We reacted and a Romanian doctor with diplomas equivalent to those in France and speaking perfectly our language must settle here soon”, he announced.

2022 in the retro in Center Yonne

As for its relationship with the community of municipalities Serein and Armance (CCSA): “It is a pity that we do not hear our needs and requests”, launched Jean-Claude Carra, as he does regularly.




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