Conor McGregor is hit by a car while riding a bicycle: “He could have died”

Tremendous scare experienced by Conor McGregor. The fighter of the UFC He has lived a few last hours full of tension after suffering an accident while riding a bicycle last Friday. The Irishman, luckily, has managed to get out of the accident unharmed and has explained what happened through his social networks.

A situation that could have become tragic due to the magnitude of what happened. However, McGregor only suffered a scratch as he shared in the published videos. In addition, the person responsible for the blow stopped to attend to him as soon as he hit him and took him to his house after the hit-and-run.

“I got hit by a car just now from behind. A sun trap, the driver couldn’t see me. Full speed he took me. Thank God, it wasn’t my time. Thanks to wrestling and judo too. Have awareness to The time to fall saved my life”, stressed the Irish fighter after sharing the images.

“Nick just hit me with his car there’s my bike in the trunk. It wasn’t my day, Nick. God bless you. I’m a fucking bastard and I’m still here, thank god, that’s all that matters,” he added. A huge scare for McGregor, who is deep in a sexual harassment case at the moment.

The controversial star showed the consequences of the accident and showed the pants torn from the back as the main sequel. He was still able to return home safely after being taken to his home by the driver, whom McGregor addresses as “Nick.”.

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In the video, the apology of the aforementioned Nick is also shown. “Very sorry”. “All right, all right,” he saysThe Notorious‘. “Don’t worry,” McGregor emphasizes before the insistent for the person who had run over him.

Accused of sexual assault

In recent days, ‘The Notorius’ has seen how the sexual assault case of which he is accused was reopened. It all happened on July 17, his birthday, on the island of Formentera. There he held a private party on a yacht and where he was pointed out by a woman as an aggressor.

The woman, after being treated by medical services of the Red Cross, it was observed that he suffered bruises and a fracture in his hand after the pertinent tests. Once in Ireland, he filed a complaint against Conor McGregor. And it all seems that it was due to a heated discussion that ended in a small brawl between the 40-year-old lady and one of the most famous fighters in the hexagon.

After collaborating so much spain like Ireland, the case has been reopened thanks to the appeal for reform presented by his lawyers. The alleged victim has been summoned in a matter of days to ratify the statement that she offered at the time against the fighter and it seems that the judicial process will continue beyond the borders of our country.



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