Comparison of Serie A standings

Napoli e Juventus they fly more and more, theInter slows down again (-2), while the Lazio does register, despite the draw against theEmpoli, a slight increase (+1) compared to the differential five days ago (at the end of the 16th round challenges). Now the team of Maurice Sarri, compared to last season, has six points more. There Roma, on the other hand, drawing against Milan always maintains a positive balance compared to last year but in the span of 120 hours it goes from +5 to +3. Pioli’s Rossoneri, on the other hand, do not vary their differential: the draw at San Siro against the Giallorossi leaves him at -2 compared to last season. Also The Torino Of Juric, with Salerno, maintains a positive balance but from +3 on January 4 it drops to +1 today. These are the most interesting data on the comparison between the Serie A standings (taking into consideration both the differential of the previous day and that after 17 league days).

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Milan draws, Juve is second: Allegri king of the black and white web



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