Colombia knows how to suffer: Defeats Argentina and goes to the final phase

The Pascual Guerrero was filled to celebrate. What was played was practically a final. In dispute was the last place in Group A to the final hexagonal of the South American Sub 20. And so it was lived. Intense and hard-fought game, but Colombia knew how to suffer and on the counterattack beat Argentina by the slightest difference.

Two modifications were made by Héctor Cárdenas for this commitment, one of them obligatory, since Gustavo Puerta was low due to the accumulation of yellow cards, so Jhon Vélez was in the midfield, while Daniel Pedrozo returned to the rear after serving the day of suspension. Kevin Mantilla, the other center back, wore the captain’s ribbon in the absence of the new Bayer Leverkusen midfielder.

Argentina with the ball, Colombia with the transitions

In the first half, Argentina won in possession, largely due to the hostess’s position of starting the pressure in midfield, allowing the opponent’s first line to touch the ball, and betting on quick transitions, but there was nervousness and inaccuracies on both sides at boot. The first approaches were from the Albiceleste with two deflected shots from Gino Infantino and a long-distance right hand from Brian Aguirre that Luis Marquines controlled in two stages.

Little of Colombia in attack. More than half an hour had to pass for the first opportunity of the Tricolor. Daniel Luna, hit from the first minute of play and replaced at 35 ′ due to this physical problem, hit a double hook and Infantino held him, which prevented his shot from having more power. The judge did not whistle the foul and it was an easy ball for Franco Herrera. In the following action, Miguel Monsalve controlled in the area, but the ball went wide when he hooked to avoid a defender.

Both Sides Options in Plugin

For the complementary stage, Cárdenas traded dominance for explosiveness. To the field Juan David Fuentes for Monsalve, and the first intervention of the Barcelona player almost produced results: Alexis Manyoma put him to run, the ‘7’ gained speed and defined with a left-footed cross, but Herrera lay down to keep the zero.

Argentina responded with their favorite way of the first half: the medium distance. Forehand by Nicolás Paz that Marquines boxed in, making it easy to see what was a powerful and complicated shot. Minutes later, the same goalkeeper was close to the blooper. He went to clear a ball, he hit it badly, but the power made the ball uncontrollable, which bounced off Ignacio Puch, Nico Paz and fell back into the hands of ‘1’.

And in the bank was the answer

There was revenge for Fuentes. Lethal counterattack from Colombia commanded by Manyoma. Four attackers against two defenders. Ball for ‘7’, who had a clear option to pass, but the goal was in his sights. He outlined himself and took out his left foot, it seemed that it was the wrong decision, but he had the complicity of the goalkeeper Herrera, to whom the ball escaped between the legs [75′]. Party at Pascual.

Javier Mascherano’s team tried until the end, more with self-esteem than with clear ideas and could even suffer the second due to the spaces left behind. In the end it was 1-0 that leaves Colombia second in the group with 8 points behind Brazil. On Tuesday the final phase will begin with the Tricolor facing Uruguay, leader of zone B, in the Metropolitano de Techo.



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