Cologne coach Baumgart in a T-shirt despite the winter cold – astonishment on the net

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At 1 degree in the T-shirt: Cologne coach Baumgart defies the winter cold. On the net, there is amazement above all

Apparently resistant to the cold: Cologne coach Steffen Baumgart

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Despite wintry temperatures, Cologne coach Steffen Baumgart coached his team in a T-shirt. In the end there was a draw at FC Bayern and recognition from the fans.

Munich on Tuesday, January 24: The temperature in the evening was just above freezing with a wintry 1 degree. FC Bayern played against 1. FC Köln in the Allianz Arena. Anyone who wasn’t on the pitch as an actor was wrapped up accordingly: the spectators in the stands as well as the substitutes and other staff on the substitutes’ benches. Only Cologne’s trainer Steffen Baumgart stood out visually.

Despite the wintry temperatures, he took off his other outerwear during the first half and stood on the sidelines in a T-shirt. After all, the obligatory flat cap still kept the trainer’s head warm. Cologne led 1-0 against the favorites from the fourth minute of the game and Baumgart, as usual, gave his all to push his players on. The coach was apparently too warm for long sleeves.

Reactions to Baumgart’s cold performance

After the game, the cold-resistant coach was celebrated for his physical effort by the fans in the stadium and on the net. In the arena, some Bayern fans also took a selfie with the guest coach. And on Twitter, there was amazement above all. One wrote that Baumgart must have come to class in shorts when it was below zero.

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Others froze at the sight on the screen or in the stadium. One fan wrote that just seeing Baumgart in the shirt was worth the price of admission and praised him as a “hammer guy”.

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The self-sacrificing commitment was not fully rewarded in the end. Thanks to a last-minute goal from Joshua Kimmich, Bayern saved at least a point at home. Cologne can still be very satisfied. With the 7:1 against Werder Bremen and the 1:1 against FC Bayern, the start after the long winter break was successful. The Cologne coach was correspondingly satisfied after the game, even though the late equalizer rankled: “It’s annoying because of the timing, but it’s basically okay. We’re going home happy with the point,” said the coach. Overall, he praised the first half of the season in Cologne, saying that it was “above the target”.

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