classified in San Juan to the handsome

For Pablo Marcelo Perez

Atletico San Martin qualified this afternoon in San Juan to the very final of the Regional Amateur Tournament after falling 1-0 against Union of Villa Krause but taking advantage of the 3-1 advantage that he had achieved in Mendoza.

During the first 45′ of play, the activity in the match was subject to a lukewarm intention by Unión de Villa Krause to reach Atlético San Martín – especially from the sides -, but those approaches were not very clear and especially nothing deep. The playing field openly conspired against good play, a field full of “champas” and wells and inexplicably enabled to play a soccer match.


So, without being damaged deep down, the red-and-white was able to bet on a counterattack, something that never happened and could not harm Leszczuc or Corvalán, very isolated on offense and disconnected with their midfielders.


In the 24th minute, Pereyra had the first clear opportunity to unbalance, but the striker’s shot with his right leg ended up bouncing off the hands of Facundo Abraham, the farmer’s goalkeeper. Until the end of this period, little else happened in football and Atlético San Martín knew how and where to control the result, but especially the global one, which deposited it in the final.

In the second half, Unión went decidedly to get the opening on the scoreboard and in the 8th minute a header from Gómez, after a corner kick he went inside the goal, but the judge invalidated the play due to a charge in the area on the Mendoza goalkeeper .


And in minute 16 came the San Juan goal, a ball rained into the area was held by “Gato” Gustavo Pereyra who sent it with his right leg into the Mendoza goal. Partial advantage for Union.

The local as the protagonist was for the second, but the large ball hits and the lack of clarity in the creation of plays in order to damage the Chacarero were conspiring against his intentions. San Martín defended himself tooth and nail, but ordered, betting on some fortuitous counter. In the 36th minute a header from Pereyra ended up bouncing off the right tube and the red-and-white saved the clothes.


Estadio: October 12 °

Union of Villa Krause: Carlos Biasotti; José Femenía, Ezequiel Pereyra, Fabián Carrizo and Federico Gómez, Pedro Terrero, Isaías Oballes; Franco Lepe Gil and Jorge Olivares; Gustavo Pereyra and Paulo Oballes DT: Gastón Solera.

Athletic San Martin: Facundo Abraham; Alexis Viscarra, Julio Villarino, Leandro Gobbi and Nicholas Inostroza; Joseph St. Roman, Federico Illanes, Lauren Rodriguez, Alexis Gonzalez; Ivan Leszczuc and Jonah Corvalan. DT: Sergio Arias.

Changes: PT: 36´Nicholas Pacheco by Rodriguez (ASM) (injured). ST: At the start: Tom Alcayaga for Paulo Oballes (U) and Thomas Monterubianessi for Gonzalez (ASM), 14 ́Matías Guerra and Jorge Olivares for Isaiah Oballes and Ezequiel Pereyra (U), Facundo Britos for Leszczuc (ASM), 21 ́Julian Cardozo for Corvalán (ASM), 38 ́Nahuel Maturano and Emanuel Reynoso for Jose Femenía and Pedro Terrero (U)

Gol: ST: 16´Gustavo Pereyra

Referee: Mauricio Martin (Neuquen)



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