Chinese community raises its voice before the police authorities, they demand security

The Deputy Director General of the National Police, simon henriquezin conjunction with the Chiefs of the Police Zones of the province of Panama, met with businessmen from the chinese community to coordinate preventive security actions.

Henríquez explained that the objective of this meeting was to stay close to small businessmen and use the different preventive programs so that citizens feel safe.

Mr Tony Jianga member of the Chinese Community, thanked the National Police for the meeting and, incidentally, urged merchants and store owners to join the early warning system that has given positive results.

In the security conclave, Deputy Commissioner Thelma Palmahead of the Police Service for Citizen Participation and Integration, asked the merchants take all preventive measures and security in their shops to prevent risk situations and thus be able to carry out their commercial activities safely.

In past days, a chinese merchant was killed at its premises in Nueva Libia (Ernesto Córdoba Campos corregimiento), which alerted the Chinese Community.

The now deceased refused to open the door of the store and he was shot in the chest.



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