CHAN, the Men’s Handball World Cup, D-1 for the Australian Open

Serbian Novak Djokovic after his victory in the final of the Adelaide tournament against Sebastian Korda on January 8, 2023. (Illustration image) © Kelly Barnes/AP

In the summary of Mondial sports Sunday, Football, Tennis, Handball and Basketball: CHAN 2023 in Algeria; Real Madrid/FC Barcelona, ​​first Clasico of the year; Gulf Cup host Iraq; the Australian Open; update on the 2023 Men’s World Cup in Poland and Sweden; the Basketball Africa League spots its future talents in France.


  • CHAN 2023 in Algeria;
  • Real Madrid-FC Barcelona, ​​first “Clasico” of the year in the final of the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia;
  • Iraq returns to the game of world football by organizing the Gulf Cup.


  • Just before the first pitches at the Australian Open, curtain up on favorites live from Melbourne.


  • Update on the 2023 Men’s World Cup in Poland and Sweden.


  • The Basketball Africa League identifies its future talents in France during two days of detection on Sunday and Monday in the Paris region.

Summary subject to last-minute changes depending on current events.


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