César Haydar said no to Santa Fe for 2023: listen to offers to leave the Junior | Colombian Soccer | betplay league

Santa Fe would have tried to sign the center-back César Haydar, who is on loan in Junior and to whom they are looking for a team, by not entering into the plans of coach Arturo Reyes. Despite the interest of the capital team, the defender declined this option in search of going abroad.

“César Haydar, who is on loan until June from Bragantino, the club that owns 80% of his federative and financial rights (Junior retains the remaining 20%), also has a free way to leave,” El Heraldo mentioned about the situation. of the 21-year-old center-back.

“Until now he has not been seduced by the idea of ​​going to Santa Fe. He is listening to offers from Brazil and the United States (…) If Haydar’s transfer does not materialize, he will continue on the campus and will be registered, but it is intended that he can find new horizons,” added the Barranquilla media.

The truth is that the arrival of Marlon Torres, 26, closed the door on Haydar in Santa Fe. Harold Rivera’s team already has 11 reinforcements for 2023: Cristian Marrugo, Fabio Delgado, Iván Rojas, Alexis Manyoma, Juan Daniel Roa, Julián Millán, Hugo Rodallega, Marlon Torres and Dubán Palacio, as well as Fabián Sambueza and Fabián Viáfara who landed from Junior.


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