César García, in his presentation with Avilés: “Many of my teammates could have played in the Second Division”

Triplet of presentations at Real Avilés. César García, Rodri Suárez and Luis Valcarce wore the shirt of the Avilesino team today at the BMW Triocar facilities, one of the club’s sponsors. “There are three arrivals that bring enthusiasm and that from the first moment they are bringing extra rhythm and competitiveness to the team,” said Astu, the Blue and White sports director, who was delighted with the additions, since the three come from a higher category and ” They want to grow with the project”. “It is an incentive for the fans to have people of this profile,” confessed the man from Gijón.

Rodri Suarez, central

First time away from home. “It’s a new and strange sensation. I’m a young boy and León is close, it’s something that doesn’t worry me. It’s a step that I was going to have to take, it’s going to help me as a footballer. It’s a challenge that I already touched”.

Welcome to Aviles. “It’s a very welcoming city, similar to León. I haven’t had time to visit everything yet, because I was busy with exams, but for now I’m delighted”

competition back. “I think that this level of competition is going to be there for the rest of my life. It is the only and best way to improve. It focused me on trying to be better. With a defense of three, as we are playing now, there are more possibilities, but it does not correspond to me choose”.

Defense of 3 or 4. “In León, in lower categories, we have always played with four backs. Already in the subsidiary and in the first team of Cultural Leonesa we have tried with a line of five and I have felt comfortable with it”.

The Aviles. “It’s one of the things that surprised me the most, I think Avilés is a top-class team. We must work as a team, take it as an opportunity and get that promotion.”

Differences with respect to the rest of centrals. “I am going to work with all humility, to find my minutes. I will try to adapt to all situations, I have come to comply and help.”

Luis Valcarce, winger/left back

The step to reach Aviles. “Since we spoke I noticed that closeness. I am someone very humble and I liked the values ​​and the good project of Avilés- I did not think twice to come here.”

Adaptation to the city. “I have been playing in Poland, in Soria, in Ponferrada… Believe me, I know the cold and the rain, it won’t be a problem”.

Its versatility. “It doesn’t matter to me to play in one position or another as long as it’s on the left wing. In Poland I played more as a winger, when I was younger they put me on the winger, in Ponferradina I was almost always on the wing… As long as I’m on the left comfortable”.

The key to promotion. “I consider home games vital, that will allow us to always be on top. If you’re lucky and away you gain points little by little, we’ll have options.”

Until 2024. “I have confidence in doing something nice for the club.”

Cesar Garcia, far right

Back to Aviles. “I really wanted to. It’s my lifelong club, I’m fond of Marino and Sporting, but my whole life is based here.”

The changes in Aviles. “The Avilés of before was a bit out of place. Now I see a very serious project and with more aspirations.”

Why not sign in summer. “In the summer I had other options, but I needed to try to grow at another club. Now, in this market, there were other possibilities, but I decided to sign for Avilés.”

The game last Sunday. “I wanted to make my debut, but I understand the coach. In the end, I had only been here for a day, I still needed to understand certain concepts.”

What can you contribute? “I am a very vertical player, I like to catch it and throw forward. I am also a lot to face one against one”.

only until summer. “I signed until June, but if I have to sign another year, it’s signed. It all depends on how we go, the goal is going to be promotion.”

The Aviles squad. “You look at the players one by one and there is a very good squad. To become a professional in the end is luck, many of my teammates could have played in the Second Division.”


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