Carolina Marín falls in the quarterfinals of the Malasya Open

Carolina Marín fell in the quarterfinals of the first tournament of the year, a new Super 1000, in Malaysia. After beating the Thai Chochuwong in the round of 16, she could not get through to the semifinals after being defeated by Yu Fei Chen for 21-18 y 21-19 in a tight meeting, although it lasted a little less than an hour.

really the match anyone could take it judging by the partials that followed one another during both sets, especially in the second, where the equality was maximum until 19-19 of the electronic. The woman from Huelva stood up to the Chinese player, number 2 in the world, although had to say goodbye. Even so, a great start to the year for Marín, who gets 6,600 points, although in the world ranking 2,750 points will be effective starting next week. It won’t be enough to move up the rankings, she’s currently ninth, but it’s a remarkable start to the season.

“It was a fairly even game. I’m happy on the one hand, because I think I’m on the road and this will continue, keep learning little things, some more mistakes than normal, but we are on the way. Now to think about next week’s tournament and we continue to go all out,” said the Huelva player after the game.

Next week, Carolina Marín will play a Super 750 in Indiaand in which she will debut against another difficult rival, the Japanese Okuhara, the 13th in the world.


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