Capri, climbers stranded on the stacks: rescue operations

The Campania Alpine and Speleological Rescue – CNSAS intervened in Capri to rescue a couple of climbers. The two, originally from the province of Bari, had reached the top of the stack of earth and during the descent they lost the way that leads to the intermediate stop, finding themselves in difficulty. After having made various attempts to descend in vain and getting stuck on the wall, they decided to alert the rescue services. A team of CNSAS technicians stationed on the island went to the site at the same time as the 118 helicopter rescue service which took off from Naples. Doctor and CNSAS heli-rescuer aboard helicopter 118 disembarked using a winch on the wall and after making sure of the physical conditions of the two climbers they proceeded to recover them on board the helicopter


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