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89-81 Belinelli again: basket for him. Thirty seconds to go.

89-79 Cain, leaning on the glass: basket of pure oxygen for Tortona. He was also fouled in shooting action. Additional free: on target.

86-79 Mickey’s triiiiiiipla! Virtus at -7. Timeout for the Bolognese who want to organize the last ninety seconds.

86-76 Belinelli, Belinelli, Belinelli: suffers a foul in action from three points. It goes to the lunette: it’s 3/3.

86-73 Christon pushes his rivals back with a place from inside the area.

84-73 Belinelliiiiiii! Him again, Virtus tries again: -11.

84-70 Belinelli hits the target.

84-68 Christon in penetration, puts two on the board.

Timeout Tortona four minutes from the end of the match.

82-68 Luuuundbeeeeerg for two: basket. The Dane is unleashed, who doesn’t want to give up.

82-66 Luuuuuundberg reacts once again trying to revive his!

82-63 Macuraaaaaaaaa from three! Basket that shifts the balance and not a little. Tortona at +19.

79-63 Severini in the line: 2/2 for him.

77-63 Pajola, basket for him! Less than six minutes to go, with 14 points currently separating the two teams.

77-61 Caaaaandi, with the bomb of three! Inspired by Severini, he doesn’t miss from the arc.

74-61 Lundberg: Virtus tries to shorten again.

74-59 Candi, Tortona again: support for the basket and +15.

72-59 Radosevic also hits the target: Tortona extends to +13.

70-59 Filloy after more than a minute unlocks the last quarter.


Now a short break.

THE THIRD FOURTH CLOSES: Tortona-Virtus Bologna 68-59.

68-59 Lundberg at the end of the third period: two points for Virtus which goes to -9.

68-57 Severini in the lunette: glacial, with 2/2.

66-57 Weems captures a rebound in attack and then goes on the scoresheet with two more points.

66-55 Haaaackett! Also from three, Virtus now at -11 in an amen. Less than two minutes to the last break.

66-52 Beeeeeelineeeelli, da tre! Bologna at -14.

66-49 Severiniiiiiii, suddenly! Bomba di Tortona that returns to +17.

63-49 Hackett for two: on target. Virtus at -14.

63-47 Daum ai free: 2/2.

61-47 Maaaaarco Belinelli: 4 points in a row for him.

61-43 Macuraaaaa, from three: a sentence!

58-43 Christon with a two-pointer: on target.

56-43 Pajola leans against the glass. Vice-Champions of Italy at -13, with 6 points in a row.

56-41 The reaction of Virtus with 4 points in a row: Jaiteh and Lundberg try to shake the guests.

56-37 Ma-cu-ra! Yes tre, Tortona vola a +19.

53-37 Jaiteh shortens for Bologna, which tries in some way to stay connected to the match.

53-35 Daummmmm, from three! Tortona flies to +18.

50-35 Immediately two baskets: first Mickey and then Christon.


Now a long break. We’ll come back later to report on the third and fourth quarters.

THE FIRST HALF ENDS: Tortona-Virtus Bologna 48-33.

48-33 Harper! He goes to the basket after being fouled. Then she shows up in the lunette completing the work.

45-33 Christon returns to the game, in his own way, with a two-point basket.

Timeout Tortona less than two minutes from the long interval.

43-33 Counterpart of Bologna, which returns to -10 thanks to the baskets of Weems and Lundberg, which preceded the dunk by Daum.

41-29 Partial mini of Tortona: first Macura, then Harper’s dunk. The hosts score a +12.

37-29 Candi on one side, Bako on the other: we remain with 8 points of difference between the two teams.

35-27 Belinelli, suspended shot from two: basket.

35-25 Filloy, him again, from treeee!

32-25 Belinelli suffers a foul in three-point shooting action. He goes to free: full booty, 3/3.

32-22 Filloy! Tortona starts the second quarter with a winning bomb from the Italian-Argentine.


Now a short break.

THE FIRST FOURTH ENDS: Tortona-Virtus Bologna 29-22.

29-22 Candi-Mickey a basket on one side and a basket on the other.

27-20 Lundberg from the charity line: 2/2.

27-18 Radosevic with support for the basket: Tortona at +9.

25-18 Call and response on the Radosevic-Belinelli axis, the first crushes the second with precision.

23-16 Bako goes to the line: 2/2 for a Virtus that tries to stay connected to its rivals.

23-14 Macuraaaaaa, three-point shot to the basket to add a free shot after a foul immediately in shooting action! Tortona at +9.

19-14 Bako from two: Virtus which returns to -5.

19-12 Macura! Lean to the glass: Piedmontese at +7.

17-12 Daummmm from three: Tortona tries to escape.

14-12 Two-point basket for Shengelia, who however lacks the additional free throw on the foul immediately after the basket is made.

14-10 Macuraaaaaaa from three! +4 basket for Tortona.

11-10 Cain: the two points of the counter-overtaking arrive.

9-10 Pajola again from treeee! Above Virtus.

9-7 Triiiiipla by Pajola: on target. Emilians at -2.

9-4 Shengelia shocks her team with a penetrating shot.

9-2 Christon! Scappa Tortona.

7-2 Macura goes in lunette: makes 2/2.

5-2 Lundberg immediately shortens for the guests.

5-0 Christon, con la triiiiipla!

2-0 Cain immediately moves the scoreboard with a basket from inside the area.


Tortona: Christon, Harper, Daum, Cain, Macura
The power of Bologna: Pajola, Jaiteh, Lundberg, Shengelia, Weems

19.55 We will soon be able to provide you with the starting five of the two teams.

19.50 Ten minutes at the start of the contest.

19.45 Who will win: Ramondino’s team, who will thus be able to shorten the standings, or Scariolo’s, who could go to the top of the standings alone, waiting for Olimpia Milano tomorrow.

19.40 Teams on the pitch for warm-up.

19.35 Twenty-five minutes to the ball for two.

19.30 Good evening and welcome to the valid for the fourteenth matchday of Serie A 2022-2023

Hello to all OA Sport readers, and welcome to the LIVE LIVE match between Tortona and Virtus Bologna, valid for the fourteenth matchday of Serie A 2022-2023, with tap-off at 20.00.

Big match of the day: the Piedmontese, third in the standings due to 9 games won and 4 lost, welcome the Emilians, first on a par with Olimpia Milano due to a record of 11 wins and 2 losses.

Marco Ramondino’s collective will therefore try to embarrass the team led by Sergio Scariolo, who managed to obtain an extraordinary victory at Barcelona a few days ago in the Euroleague.

There are many players to keep an eye on: from Leonardo Candi and JP Macura to Alessandro Pajola and Tornike Shengelia, without forgetting Tyler Cain and Milos Teodosic.

The challenge between Tortona and Virtus Bologna will start at 20.00. Have fun with the LIVE LIVE of OA Sport!

Photo: B.Costantini / Ciamillo-Castoria



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