Campazzo and Vildoza are participants in the triumph of Red Star – Basketball – Sports

The Argentines Facundo Campazzo and Luca Vildoza intervened this afternoon in the victory of their team, Red Star, over FMP Meridian by 99-84, in a duel between Serbian teams that faced each other for the 17th round. date of the Adriatic League (ABA League) of basketball, which involves different clubs from the Balkan countries.

Campazzo, 31, from Cordoba and former Dallas Mavericks player, was on court for 22 minutes, after which he scored 8 points (2-4 in doubles, 0-4 in triples, 4-4 in free throws), distributed 6 assists and grabbed 2 rebounds.

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For his part, Vildoza, from Mar del Plata, 27 and a former member of the Milwaukee Bucks squad, collaborated with 2 units (0-3 in 3-pointers, 2-2 in free throws), 2 goal passes and a recovery in the 11 minutes he remained on the pitch. .

The Red Star’s top scorer was forward Dalibor Ilic, with a scoresheet of 16 goals (7-8 in doubles, 2-4 in free) in 20m, according to ‘Flashscore’.

With this success, the eleventh in a row, Red Star climbed to the top of the tournament with a 15-1 record, followed by Partizan, another Serbian representative, who posted a 14-2 record.

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