Bundesliga: Werder beats Wolfsburg 2-1! Crazy scene in front of the winning goal by Niclas Füllkrug | Sports

Werder Bremen defeats the VfL Wolfsburg 2:1 And that’s doubly surprising!

Firstly, because Wolfsburg had won the last six games in a row and Werder had messed up four in a row. But above all because a strange scene took place when Bremen made it 1-0.

Only to be guessed at on TV Ducksch protects the penalty spot for Füllkrug

Striker partner Marvin Ducksch stands motionless at the penalty spot in front of Niclas Füllkrug’s hand penalty (24’/bottom right). The impression: The Bremen man guards the spot so that nobody can cause harm there.

Goal scorer Füllkrug: “Duckschi did it because he’s clever. For me, a player who edits the point should be sent off. He made sure that there was no trouble in the first place. I am grateful to him.”

In the 1-0 draw against Augsburg in September, FCA goalkeeper Gikiewicz maltreated the point with a late penalty (90+4). Ducksch shot the possible compensation.

Werder coach Ole Werner brings big for Gruev (bank) after bankruptcies against Cologne (1:7) and Union (1:2). For Bittencourt (infection), 4-million-man Stage can play again from the start. The Dane shoots Wolfsburg’s Gerhardt in front of the penalty from a short distance on the outstretched arm. Referee Daniel Siebert gives a penalty after checking the scene.

For Füllkrug it is goal number twelve of the season. After preparatory work by Weiser, he followed up with the 13th goal to make it 2-0 (77th). This makes him the top scorer in the Bundesliga. And all Werder fans will pray until January 31 (transfer deadline) that the national striker doesn’t leave Bremen during the winter break.

And Wolfsburg? After a 6-0 and a 5-0 win in the new year, the Kovac team disappointed after ten games unbeaten. Paredes (90th) only manages to make it 2-1 late on.



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