Bundesliga: Union Berlin wins 2-1 at Werder Bremen, is again Bayern hunter number one | Sports

Union storms into second place – and is again Bayern hunter number one!

The Berliners win four days before the capital derby against Hertha 2-1 in Bremen and are on three points from the record champions. The second victory in 2023. After the 7-1 disaster in Cologne last Saturday, Werder faced the next painful bankruptcy – again with blatant defensive mistakes!

there isn’t! The bad pass buck from Bremen

The man of the evening is Kevin Behrens, who was born in Bremen and scored the winning goal!

After the Cologne embarrassment, coach Werner “only” switched to two positions. WM-drivers Veljkovic and Groß fly out, Pieper and Schmidt come in. At Union, 8 million men Juranovic starts for Captain Trimmel. Behrens, who used to play for Werder and the Bremen suburban club SC Weyhe as a youth and in the “thirds”, can play up front.

Werder shock in the 6th minute: Werder goalkeeper Pavlenka wants to show a dribbling trick on his own five, pulling the ball back behind the heel. That sucks! Behrens slides in, but the ball misses. Mega luck for Bremen!

14. Minute: Pieper heads the ball in from six yards out after a sharp Ducksch free-kick cross – through the legs of goalkeeper Rönnow! The 1:0!

Bremen’s joy is short-lived! Disastrous beeper back pass! Pavlenka storms out of his goal, wants to save, gets the ball at the same time as Behrens. Haberer makes the rebound from 15 meters. 1-1 (18′)! What a buck! The Werder fans must be thinking…

21. Minute: A shot from Bittencourt tumbles against the post. boom!

42. Minute: Pavlenka wants to hit the ball with his left and waits too long. Behrens jumps in front of it, blocks the ball. The ball flies to Becker, who hits the thing. But beware! Behrens catches the ball. The video referee checks everything. Referee Dankert also looks at the scene and decides: No goal!

BILD referee expert Thorsten Kinhöfer: “Understandable from a referee’s point of view. The arm is rigid, he wants to block the ball.” Referee Dankert explained to a Sky reporter at half-time that it was an intentional handball for him.

46. Minute: 2: 1 for Union! The ex-Bremer Behrens hits a head from five meters after the Juranovic corner. Werder slept there. By the way: Before the game, the Unioners have their sweating training on the ATS Buntentor site. Another Bremen ex-club from Behrens…

Werder throws everything forward – but simply bounces off the Berlin defence!

Bittencourt after the game on Sky: “We had good chances. Then we get a 1:1, which is just shit. It shouldn’t fall like this. The point in time at 1:2 is of course unfortunate. The Unionen have big people, something like that can happen after a set piece. We knew it would be difficult, we are promoted. Now it’s time to score as many points in the second half of the season.”

Union Captain Khedira: “In the first half we were the more active, better team. After the goal we defended everything well.”

Pieper to his goof: “Between heaven and hell. Unbelievable feeling to score in front of these fans. I can’t excuse my passport, it was too weak. The ball wasn’t sharp enough. Technical error, played too badly.”

Goal scorer Behrens: “I’m super happy that we won and that I scored a goal. Had family and friends here. The ball goes against my hand. It is difficult to speak of intention. I didn’t know 100 percent until this morning that I was playing. It’s amazing for us that we have so many points.”



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