Bump extends its brand license around bubble football and archery


par Valentine Puaux

With a presence in 18 cities in France, the Bump network, which has specialized in nomadic leisure since 2014 and co-founded by Romain Billottet and Samuel Houles, now intends to expand its network around forty new partners expected from here. 2025.

Faced with rising operating costs, many franchisors are now betting on launching nomadic concepts without premises, to better recruit partners. This is the case of the Bump brand with its ‘Bump Games’, launched under a brand license in 2014 on the initiative of Samuel Houles, whose activity is based on the practice of group leisure activities, in partner sports complexes. of the network. “We offer activities accessible from the age of 8, such as the Bubble Bump, the Archery Bump and the Laser Bump with partners who are solicited by individuals as well as by companies or communities to unite around sport and ‘unusual. With packages of 1h30 to 2 hours, for a price between 250 and 360 euros per activity for groups of 10 to 13 people, explains Romain Billottet, co-founder of the brand after having incorporated his Archery Bump activity, into that of Samuel Houles, in 2018 (the Bubble Bump*).

A nomadic concept, indoors, in business and in the forest

For the licensee, everything is actually based on local roots because without a sports complex where to welcome the public, the activity cannot start. Once the location area has been validated with the management and the sports complexes found, you take care of customer reservations, bring the equipment specific to each activity, then supervise and arbitrate their games., continues the manager. No need to have a local so everything is done remotely, except on the day of the event. Bump licensees can also expand their playing field, responding to more specific requests.

We are also able to adapt workspaces into play areas, or even go to the forest, day or night. But most of the time, for security reasons, the activities take place in a closed room., complete Romain Billottet.

Identify up to 40 partners by 2025

Finally, if the brand counts today 18 partners, distributed throughout France (Bordeaux, Rennes, Fréjus, Avignon, Besançon, Île-de-France*), the latter also lists employees, deployed among others in Toulouse, Castres, Albi, Lille and Lyon. Thus, she intends, little by little, to mesh the whole territory. “NWe also have the ambition, by 2025, to reach some 40 partners, licensed and integrated into the network. But we cannot claim to reach as far as a large restaurant chain. Especially when it is necessary to guarantee territorial exclusivity to our licensees in a sector that includes several cities”, points out Romain Billottet who also plans to open two new units in 2 major cities in France.

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Unusual and user-friendly, this concept, which requires an overall investment of between 40,000 and 45,000 euros with entry fees of 15,000 euros and monthly fees of 650 euros (including equipment) ”, also guarantees great entrepreneurial flexibility. The concept eliminates loads to the maximum. You only pay for accounting, insurance and the network fee. And you can also work from home. The activity makes it possible to manage everything remotely, or even to travel in the meantime. In reality, you organize yourself as you want!”, specifies Romain Billottet.


However, it will be necessary to sign a 3-year contract to join the Bump brand. And with it, the prospect of evolving in a prosperous sector, given the recovery in tourism and leisure since the health crisis. For example, the network hosted before the pandemic, still according to its representative, large events for up to 130 people, whereas today there are more smaller but more recurrent events. With always so many children’s birthday parties that we organize every weekend!Last December, the head of the network listed between 20% and 45% of corporate reservations, the balance being broken down via individuals”.

Once operational, the licensee will be able to achieve results similar to those of the Toulouse partner, ie an annual turnover of between 150,000 and 160,000 euros. “In Paris, this already exceeds 200,000 euros in turnover and the objective is to achieve the same result in large provincial cities such as Lille, Lyon and Toulouse., concludes the adventure lover. So, do you want to become a master in the art of combat with bows and arrows equipped with foam tips?

*Bubble Bump consists of playing football in inflated air bubbles.
* The brand lists partners in the areas of Ivry, La Défense, Meudon and Marne-La-Vallée

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