Brian Riemer after the lost derby: ‘If the Top 8 is accessible? Of course he is!’

Frustrating scenario for Anderlecht lgold of the derby against the Union this Sunday. In numerical inferiority then suddenly in control of the match in the 2nd half, the Mauves finally collapsed in the last minutes to concede a 6th consecutive loss against the Union. Despite the defeat, Brian Riemer, the Sporting coach only wanted to retain the positive.

“Losing a man after 6 minutes and playing 10 for a long time was a very difficult task against the 2nd ranked team” he confided, from the outset, to the microphone of Eleven Sports. ” I saw a team that did everything I asked. We had good sequences, even at 10, where we showed that we could dominate a match. Obviously, in the long run, when you have one less man, you lose energy and therefore it is difficult to maintain the same intensity. We scored, we were even in front until the last ten minutes. Losing 1-3 is disappointing for us but me as a coach, I saw a team that gave everything, I can’t ask for anything more.



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