Boulazac Basket Dordogne wins on the Aix-Maurienne court

In Savoie, the Boulazacois engine…

In Savoie, the Boulazacois engine took a quarter to warm up. Snow maybe. The initial ten minutes were played to an accordion tune. Clumsy, the BBD first lets slip Savoyards who succeed in their shots (7-2, 3rd).

Then the Périgourdins get situations near the basket, and come back in the wake of Aix-Maurienne (9-8, 4th). Bathiste Tchouaffé then equalized on quick play (10-10, 6th), validating the visitors’ return of address, while the locals experienced a slump.

Before recovering. Like Abreu, who plants a three-pointer and gives his own more than one possession (15-10, 7th). The gap stabilized (19-13, 9th) but Boulazac held on. By mastering the rebound at first then by relying on the basics. First an award-winning basket from Paul Billong followed by a big defense from Olivier Cortale under his circle. This allows Clément Cavallo to conclude the lay-up (20-18, 10th).

This time, Boulazac is launched. Only Raijon Kelly still knows a few failures. The new playmaker enters the arena, misses his first shot then his first pass. Let’s be indulgent. Aix-Maurienne believes to regain its senses with two three-point shots (26-18, 11th) but the Périgord defense is in place.

Nicolas De Jong rings the end of recess with a dry counter on Hergott. Cortale takes over, causes a foul, takes care of the rebound. Boulazac returns (28-26, 15th).

Junakovic one cartridge

Tchouaffé scores twice from afar, this time it’s off (28-29 then 30-34). Aix-Maurienne is penalized with a forced passage and Martin Junakovic animates the end of the first period. The Croatian strikes from afar for the first time (35-42, 19th) then a second, unbalanced (36-47, 20th). He adds two free throws and at the break, Boulazac leads calmly (40-49).

The second period started at the same pace, since the BBD quickly found themselves with a 14-point lead (45-59, 23rd). Both teams play fast, sometimes too much on the BBD side. So that a few balls go astray and the Savoyards do not miss the opportunity to return below the bar of 10 units (52-61, 26th).

The Périgord advance melted like snow in the sun but Kelly curbed the Savoyard ardor at two points (55-63, 28th) then on the repair line (57-67, 29th). Aix-Maurienne, in penetration, still manages to conclude the third quarter under the bar of 10 points (60-67).

The locals even come back to five points (62-67) after two shots from the former Boulazac, David Ramseyer. This gap does not vary (64-69), leaving room for doubt. But Junakovic, after 24 seconds, adds three points (64-72, 35th). Tchouaffé continues. At the best moment, the Périgourdins found the address (68-75, 36th).



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