Botafogo shareholder, John Textor is in no hurry for Eagle Football’s IPO: ‘Market needs to improve and become more attractive’

The possibility of Eagle Footballwhich has shares of Botafogo, Crystal Palace, Olympique Lyonnais e RWD Molenbeekgoing public on the stock exchange was addressed in the live do StoveNET from last Tuesday (1/27) on YouTube. When questioned by journalist Aline Bordalo on the subject, John Textor did not predict the IPO (initial public offering).

The reason is the instability of the international market, which is experiencing great volatility, after the pandemic of the new coronavirus and, recently, with the effects of the War in Ukraine. The moment is cautious.

The stock market needs to improve and become more attractive. The market is now very bad right now. It takes several months of planning and there are no guarantees as to when this could happen. – said the Weaver.

The American businessman stressed that there is no rush. THE Eagle intends to continue capitalizing to obtain resources for the clubs in the network.

We continue to raise money as much as possible, so the capital raising to buy Lyon is now attracting new capitalization and we want to put more of our own resources towards exactly that purpose, from IPO. We are not waiting for the public offering he added.

Still without forecast, the IPO of the Eagle Footballaccording to the British website SportsPro, would be through a special purpose procurement companies (SPACs). According to the Financial Times newspaper, also from England, the group projects an assessment of US$ 1.2 billion, about R$ 6.1 billion at current quotation.

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