Born in Frascati committee for Bonaccini secretary PD. Coordination to Chiara Spagnoli

Published: Wednesday, 25 January 2023 – Political editorial staff

FRASCATI (politics) – The race for the “Dem” secretariat is also igniting in the Castelli Romani – ​​press release

The committee for the candidacy of Stefano Bonaccini to the secretariat of Democratic party.

There will be a coordination committee Clare Spaniards, delegate to the provincial assembly of the Democratic Party of the Province of Rome.

“I hope that finally, thanks to the election of Stefano Bonaccini as national secretary, our party will be able to resume that centre-left identity and the democratic values ​​present at its foundation. I believe – Chiara continues – that only through real renewal can we overcome the current disaster that led to the devastating defeat of the political elections a few months ago. Candidates distant from the territory and often even far from the federations have discredited the daily work of thousands of members and militants. Let’s support Bonaccini to really change”.

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