Boat race information program “BOAT RACE PREMIER” PG1 “The 4th BBC Tournament” will be broadcast live on the official boat race web video service “BOATCAST”! moreover! Missed delivery until January 21! | Press release

Donmai Kawabata, Kaoru Matsumoto, Hozumi Hasegawa, Sara Dosho, and Suzu Yamanouchi will appear!
■ January 14 (Sat) 16:00-semi-finals
■ January 15 (Sun) 16:00-Finals

PG1 “The 4th Boat Race Battle Champion Tournament” (hereinafter referred to as the BBC Tournament) of the boat race broadcast program “BOAT RACE PREMIER” co-produced by the BOAT RACE Promotion Association, judoka “Donmai Kawabata”, Judo girls at the London Olympics Gold medalist “Kaoru Matsumoto”, professional boxing former three-class world champion “Hozumi Hasegawa”, Rio Olympics women’s 68kg class gold medalist “Sara Dosho”, and 2023 boat race CM image character “Suzu Yamanouchi” will appear. . “Genta Aoki” acts as MC and excites this program.
The BBC Tournament is a premium G1 race that was newly established in 2019 and is won in a tournament format.
In the broadcast on Saturday, January 14th, we will thoroughly explain the highlights of the semi-final match. We will also deliver the pattern of the frame number lottery of the final match that will affect the fate.
In the broadcast on Sunday, January 15, we will explain the characteristics of the six racers who will participate in the final. “Suzu Yamanouchi” and “Erina Masuda” boat race
Biwako will deliver the enthusiasm of the site.
Simultaneous live distribution will be carried out on the official boat race web video service “BOATCAST”. “BOATCAST” is a free web service that allows you to view all kinds of video content related to boat racing from your browser. You can easily enjoy it from your smartphone or PC. (URL: For other terrestrial and BS broadcasting stations, please see the overview below.

Boat race information program “BOAT RACE Premier” 4th BBC tournament relay overview
[Date/Broadcast Station]
■ January 14th (Sat) 16:00-semi-finals
Donmai Kawabata/Kaoru Matsumoto/MC: Genta Aoki/Commentary: Michihiko Ueki
Tokyo MX, BS TV Tokyo, Nagasaki Broadcasting, Gifu Broadcasting, Biwako Broadcasting, Sun TV
■ January 15 (Sun) 16:00-Final
Hozumi Hasegawa/Sara Dosho/Local Guest: Suzu Yamanouchi/Local MC: Erina Masuda/MC: Genta Aoki/Commentary: Michihiko Ueki
Tokyo MX, BS Fuji, Aomori Asahi Broadcasting, Shizuoka Broadcasting, Hokuriku Broadcasting, Setonaikai Broadcasting, Ehime Asahi Television, Television Kochi, Television Yamaguchi, Miyazaki Broadcasting, Gifu Broadcasting, Biwako Broadcasting, Sun Television

reference information
[BBC Tournament]
Premium G1 race to win in the tournament system newly established in 2019.
The winner of the previous year, the winner of the SG Race, Premium G1 Race, G2 Ladies All Star, G2 National Boat Race Koshien, G2 Ladies Challenge Cup and Fan Appreciation 3Days Boat Race Battle Tournament from January to December of the previous year will be given priority entry. Given.
In addition, from January to October of the previous year, from among the top 15 selected based on the selection criteria at the time of mediation decision of the SG race and premium G1 race, the top win rate in the past 10 months will participate.

●The 4th BBC Tournament
Period: January 12 (Thursday) to 15 (Sunday), 2023
Venue: Boat Race Biwako

[Boat Race Biwako]
Boat Race Biwako was established in 1952 as the second official course in Japan. In addition to the GI Biwako Grand Prix (commemorative race) held once a year, the title race for the GI Chichibunomiya Princess Memorial Cup will be held. In addition to its history, it can be said that the scenery overlooking Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan, is one of the best among the 24 spots in Japan. In October 2016, the outbound sales office “Recle Biwako” opened on the 1st floor of the stand on the south side of the second turn mark. Starting with all boat race biwako races, boat tickets for SG/GI races nationwide, morning races, women’s races, etc. will be sold for up to 8 venues and 96 races per day.

Address: 1-1 Chagasaki, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture
Phone number: 077-522-0314
Access: Free shuttle bus JR Otsu Station (7 minutes), JR Otsukyo Station (5 minutes)
By car 15 minutes from Meishin Otsu IC 15 minutes from Meishin Kyoto Higashi IC
On foot 10 minutes from Keihan Otsu Shiyakusho-mae Station, 13 minutes from JR Otsukyo Station

[Basics of boat racing]
It is a competition in which 6 boats make 3 laps on the surface of the water, each lap of 600m, and compete for the order of finish.
Proceeds from the boat race will be used for social contribution activities through the Nippon Foundation and local governments.
●Point1 “Boat race is a game of 6 boats!”
The boat race is a race with 6 boats. Each has a number and a color.
There are only 6 boats, so it is easy to predict.
●Point2 “Boat race is 3 counterclockwise laps!”
After the race starts, the 1st and 2nd marks are followed by 3 laps around the course counterclockwise to determine the order.
(1 week 600m×3=1800m)
●Point 3 “Flying start unique to boat racing”
The boat race’s unique “flying start” is based on the time indicated by the “big clock”.
①Pit out[about 1 minute and 40 seconds before the start]It is to jump out of the “pit” of the waiting area.
(2) Standby action[approximately 30 seconds before the start]Move to the start position of the run-up, aiming for a course that the athlete thinks is advantageous.
Here’s the bargaining to get your favorite course and run-up distance!
③Approach ~ Start The time to start is 1 second after the big clock shows 0.
Start aiming for a moment as close to 0 as possible.

Inquiries regarding this matter
Boat race PR secretariat (in joint PR) Sasaki, Anami, Inoue
TEL:070-4303-7353/MAIL:[email protected]



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