Bikuña enters the Couples to replace Martija

Iñigo Bikuña is about to give a right hand during a game / red

Couples Championship

The man from San Sebastián will play alongside Ezkurdia against Urrutikoetxea-Albisu tomorrow in Eibar since the Navarrese defender suffers a wrong hand

Beñat Barreto

Iñigo Bikuña makes the leap to the Couples Championship to replace Julen Martija tomorrow at Astelena in Eibar, who is out for the start of the seventh day due to wrong hands. The Navarrese is not in a position to jump onto the field tomorrow. His place is occupied by Bikuña, scheduled to open for Arkaitz Eskuza’s debut. Arbizu will in turn replace the San Sebastian player in the first match.

The Gipuzkoan, therefore, will form a partner with Joseba Ezkurdia, who is not at his best level of play either. They will face Urrutikoetxea-Albisu and there is a very important point at stake since right now the Navarrese couple would be one of the eliminated, although they are tied on points. The two couples have added two victories and four defeats to be sixth and seventh.

Jaka-Aranguren want to get on the train

This is how matchday seven of the Parejas will start, with Urrutikoetxea-Albisu against Ezkurdia-Bikuña at Astelena (5:00 p.m., ETB1). It will not be the last match of the day as the championship continues at night in Amorebieta. Without television, Elordi-Zabaleta faces off against Peña II-Morgaetxebarria, who replaces Mariezkurrena II, also due to evil hands.


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