BetPlay League millionaires: Alberto Gamero statements after victory against Pereira | Colombian Soccer | betplay league

Millionaires got off to a good start in 2023. Victory against Pereira, in a game marked by weather complications on the field, which forced the game to be postponed for just over an hour. Gamero showed an interesting face of the blues.

The blue coach was satisfied with the victory, but was emphatic with some details to be corrected, specifically in individual actions. These were his words after the victory against the Colombian champion.

Sensations from the game: we didn’t have a good first half, we made mistakes. Perhaps because of the field, because of the accumulation of people in the middle. Pereira attacked our wings and created danger, in the second half we leveled the game with both ends. We equate what was the contest. We faced the Colombian champion, he showed why he is.

In the second half we played hand in hand, back and forth. The boys had a good second half, we managed it and we took the three points.

Changes in the tactical module and choice of Quiñones: we had planned to play with Castro and Ruiz during the week, but he couldn’t travel. I leaned towards Quiñones because of the biotype in the team, we knew we were going to attack. We needed a mid-distance, set ball player and that was him. We had a 4-4 rhombus with two forwards and there I put another winger. That was the variant. Why not Valencia, because it was left without forwards, I thought of everything. Quiñones was good, sharp, lined, medium distance. We choose well.

Pereira’s shortcomings physically and mentally: I wouldn’t say they stayed, in the first half Pereira put us in the goal and they managed to tie. They tried to play more direct and made it difficult for us in the second half, especially when Ángelo entered, who knows how to hold the ball. It was the way to reach us, centering, on the sides. We balanced the game in the second half. We discovered the bands at the start and in the complement we kept the idea of ​​4-2-3-1. Part of the victory today was down the wings.


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